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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

(UPDATED) PHOTO OP: Now that's more like it

"Can the court just open up and swallow me whole right now?"

Now it makes sense: Dinara Safina was waiting until Toronto to hide her face in shame.

The world's top lady baller and defending champ was stunned (as we were) by Frenchie Aravane Rezai 3-6, 6-2, 6-4 in the tourney's second round (her opening round match) after cracking 17 double faults. Yes, that's right - 17 DF's for a World No. 1. Embarrah.

Now Dinara doesn't have a shoulder injury that we know of so there goes that excuse - right Shrieka? I'm guessing all the pressure of defending the huge amount of points she accumulated last summer has gotten to her noggin. Her toss is way too high and you can actually see her thinking about her serve while serving as well. The kiss of death I say.

In fact, coach Zeljko Krajan was so moved by his charge's performance that he moved himself right out of the baller box. Well, at least he wasn't able to berate her during their friendly and relaxed on-court coaching moments.

There goes our entertainment. Boo hoo.

UPDATE: An explanation for the loss straight from the horse's mouth -

"It's so much. Ball toss disaster. I don't move my legs. I'm jumping backwards instead of jumping forwards. I'm kicking it too much instead of hitting it more. I drop my head. I don't hold the left arm.

I know this all, and I'm still so stupid that I'm continuing to do it.

It's my brain. I know exactly what I have to do, but if I'm not using my brain, I'm not doing the things my coach is telling me. Too disappointed with myself."

I think you're using your brain too much and not just playing the game you KNOW how to play.

(image via ap)


  1. So it looks Serena has a chance to be number 1 seed at US Open.

  2. It's looking better for ReRe since she was defending champ here but not sure with the Olympics points coming off what will happen.

  3. She really needs to dump the coach. She won't, but I'm quite convinced her game would improve and maybe she'd actually have fun out there.

  4. If my computations are correct, Dinara will lose 740 points from this loss. If ReRe reaches the final, she will have 40 something points over Dinara and will probably gain the no. 1 back. I dunno I'm not good at Math. :P

  5. Does her coach realize that she is paying him? Leaving the court because she's not playing well is not professional in my opinion. Those two have a strange relationship.

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