Google Down the Line!: PHOTO OP: Checking out Thomas Reynolds launch event - guess who crashed the party?

Friday, August 28, 2009

PHOTO OP: Checking out Thomas Reynolds launch event - guess who crashed the party?

Last night Fila along with Lord & Taylor and TENNIS magazine officially launched James Blake's Thomas Reynolds collection in NYC.

The evening began with a meet-and-greet with James on the main floor followed by a VIP party held on the retailer's rooftop. It was an absolutely spectacular evening under the lights of The Big Apple and featured big beats by DJ Sky Nellor and the ubiquitous Honey Deuce, the official cocktail for this year's US Open. Guests included people from the worlds of tennis, media, fashion, and music. James' coach Brian Barker was in attendance along with brother Thomas and momma Betty.

My friend Erin from Purple Gate Design attended the party with me and we were lucky (or persistent?) enough to grab a picture with the man of the evening:

And - SURPRISE, SURPRISE - Kimmie Clijsters made an unexpected appearance and I, of course, had to have a picture with the former US Open champ. Can I say her heels were sick and she was much taller than I expected? Fine, I might be short. But, whatevs, it's KIMMIE!

I also got to hang with Erwin + Nick of Tennis Served Fresh and Karen of Global Village Tennis News. It's always great to put a face to a name.

Make sure to pop on over to to see more of the Thomas Reynolds collection. And, a big shout out to the Fila team for the invite!

(images via fila, DtL)


  1. You met Kimmie!!!!!!! I'm so jelly! *pouts*

  2. I did I did!!! It was such a great surprise. The Fila PR rep said she was in the office yesterday and they asked if her if she wanted to attend the event and she said yeah.

    She looked great - I love her hair longer like it is now. She really has a strong presence in person and was very gracious with people (like me) who wanted to take a pic with her.

  3. Just like I always imagined her to be! *still super jelly*
    Argh! I would do pretty much anything to meet her. I hope she comes to Stuttgart next year, so I can stalk*ahem* meet her.

  4. Congrats are making it big!

  5. Great, Rich!!!!
    Kimmie is a down-to-earth Flemish gal. Not unlike myself. :)
    Will you be in the stands next week?

  6. Yeah I'll be there on opening day just taking it all in...and updating of course.

    I'm thinking to swing by there tomorrow to see some of the matches and practice sessions. It's been raining so we'll see.

  7. SO MUCH FUN!! Glad you had a good time and thanks for sharing the awesome pics with us. :D

    Can't wait to see Kim back out on the court again.

  8. Nice- we'll get updates no doubt!.
    Been once, cheering on Siemerink (!) Hey - homeboy of mine.


  9. Erin is cute.
    You - not so much ;)

  10. Nice pic with Kimmie. Hehe it's funny how you made an excuse like her heels were sick. :D You both look great in the pic.

  11. You're lucky, Rich.. And gr8 pics, thanx for sharing, :)

  12. I still can't believe you met Kimmie! I have such a girl crush on her. Its pretty embarrassing...

  13. FWIW: In Europe, Kim is MUCH more liked than Justine.

  14. love your picture with kim!!! will you be heading out to flushing meadows? i'm here until tuesday or wednesday!

  15. Way to go Rich... it's great to see you having lotsa fun there! That pic with Kimmie is simply priceless!


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