Google Down the Line!: PHOTO OP: Brooklyn (almost) bares it all for GQ magazine

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

PHOTO OP: Brooklyn (almost) bares it all for GQ magazine

Andy Roddick's swimsuit-wearing WAG Brooklyn Decker is featured in the September 2009 of GQ and shows off some of her best, eh, wares.

She also discusses her tennis balling husband and how he admitted his stalking nature:

While Decker has no trouble attracting her own attention—she’s the star of four straight Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issues and an upcoming show hosted by Dan Patrick—the man behind the A is husband Andy Roddick. Spotting Decker in the stands looking like the picture of all-American cool has become half the reason to watch Grand Slam tennis and yet another reason to root for the tireless if sometimes overshadowed Roddick: More Andy means more Brooklyn. This month the former high school cheerleader and class president will be riding the No. 7 train to Queens from the couple’s Manhattan apartment for the U.S. Open, where the red-hot Roddick will be gunning for a post-Wimbledon rematch against Roger Federer—and Brooklyn will get plenty of screen time.

Decker exudes supernatural supermodel poise, but there’s one topic that rattles even her: She met her husband when his agent called hers to arrange a date. “That happens all the time to girls,” Decker says, blushing a little, “but his was the one number I kept.” For their first get-together, Roddick took her to dinner, then an Upright Citizens Brigade comedy show. “He was the first to admit that he kind of stalked me,” Decker says. “But his line was ‘It’s only stalking if the other person doesn’t like it.’ ”
I guess that might be true - stalking is all in the eye of the stalkee. Plus, I'm sure A-Rod was attracted to her lovely "personalities."

But, could Brooklyn be the hawtest tennis WAG at the moment? After this shoot, I might have to say YES. You may disagree with me here, but I think we can all agree on who's the worst. Color me still stunned.

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  1. "that happens to girls all the time"

    ugh i totally KNOW! I'll probably spend half my day sorting through possible daters/stalkers... ;)


    I think she's pretty - I think what makes her cuter though is her silly down to earth nature via twitter.

  2. There's something about her that I just don't like. Then again, I don't suppose I can ever criticise Brooklyn for being lacking in class, what with the old blonde hag around. *shudders in anger

  3. Are those wares silicon or natural? I hate silicon boobz.

  4. Can't you tell they are her own ? I don't think Andy would go for fake.

  5. She won't be taking the subway to the Open.

  6. B2012: Heh - DITTO. But I encourage all stalking so I only have myself to blame. Attention whore.

    Katherine: Exactly. But if she is I'll have my zoom lens and Twitpic that moment.

  7. LOL at "lovely personalities", Rich. And I totally agree with you on who's the WORST wag EVER. There's an old saying in Argentina, "Don't try to clear things up because you're making them darker" (I hope it makes sense in English). The story about how they met gets creepier and creepier every time.

  8. Jake,

    Feel free to contact me directly at if you're interested in a link exchange.

    Thanks, Rich


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