Google Down the Line!: Muzz makes move towards World No. 2 ranking - can he pull it off?

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Muzz makes move towards World No. 2 ranking - can he pull it off?

So the time has finally come for Andy Murray.

The Brit baller is one match away from becoming the world's second-ranked baller after defending champ Rafael Nadal was beaten by Juan Martin del Potro 7-6(5), 6-1 in their Montreal quarterfinal. Muzz will battle Jo-Wilfried Tsonga today for a chance to take that coveted spot in the rankings which has been held by either Roger Federer or Rafa since July 18, 2005. Pretty incredible.

Ah, yes - Muzz on his fave surface against a baller he has a 1-all H2H record against at the moment. I'm feeling pretty good about his chances though I was feeling good about him taking the spot a while back.

But can he handle the moment better than Novak Djokovic did last year? Stay tuned.

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  1. Yes, he'll handle it better. Any UK-er who can handle Wimby the way he has the last couple of years can handle being #2. He'll handle the top spot when he, eventually, gets there also (hopefully, a long time from now).

    But please, can't someone give the guy a razor contract? Gillette? Schick? Please!

  2. I am so upset that this is going to happen. Muzz has not earned the right to be No.2. For me he is still a best of 3 set player and that is what has propelled him up the rankings. Show me what you are made of in best of 5 and then you can take the No. 2 ranking. Not worthy at all.

  3. I'm a big Rafa fan so this kinda sucks, but at the same time it's not that surprising because Andy's been really consistent and improving his game so much, PLUS Rafa has lost a crap ton of points being injured during a time when last year he was sweeping. It makes sense. Plus with the Olympics points dropping (which I don't understand why those don't drop off every 4 years, but whatever) he's totally screwed. So we'll see what happens. Hopefully Rafa will be able to move back up as time goes on, but Andy is a great player and I think deserving of the spot.

    But still, vamos Rafa! ;)

  4. Andy's worked hard, and mathematically deserves it. Sucks to see Rafa drop a spot but it's the nature of the beast. It will only fuel him to fight hard and regain.

    Until then, congrats to Andy.

  5. If he doesn't get a GS he will be a male Safina.

  6. so the King of Lesser Events is finally a nos 2.....(what a laugh)oh why are we tennis fans getting punished having to endure such unacceptable circumstance.Hope it wont last....Gonna pray hard that hell be back to nos 3 or nos 4 even in the coming mos....

  7. Ugly nos 2....Hahahahah!

  8. Wow people hate Murray. Wonder why?

  9. You know who looks like they're separated at birth? Rafa Nadal and Lucie Hradecka. SRSLY.

  10. Kudos to Andy Murray for winning Mownreyal! He is now the no. 2 player in the world. Yay.

  11. I would be overly happy for Muzz gaining the no. 2 spot if it weren't on Rafa's expense.

    It totally sucks that Rafa's losing everything he's worked for in the last years just because of that stupid injury. It's so unfair and so not right. :(

    But other than that, I think Muzz deserves it. He's improved a lot and I think he still will in the coming years.

    Rafa & Muzz, go kick some Fed ass!!

  12. Pretty much agreeing with Karen. Mostly 'cause I love Rafa.

    (Rafa & Roger not 1 & 2. My world is disturbed.)

    Trying not to be vitriolic and evil, because Muzz has put in his gym and fitness time this past year or so, so I'm trying to show respect, but didn't he crash out in the quarters at AO?

  13. m: Yup he made the quarters at AO, RG, semis at Wimby. But hard is his fave surface, he's in good form and should get better as we reach the Open.

    He's my pick - he has a sick record over Fed, Nole is slowly falling in the dumps, and Rafa is rusty but, even if he wasn't, he beat him there last year in the semis. A-Rod or Delpo could sneak in there too as major comp.

    But Muzz seems ready to me - the body language is confident and he's put in the hard yards.


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