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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

THE LOW DOWN: Is Juju REALLY considering a comeback?

Here we go again.

Rumors are ramping up again about a possible return to the WTA tour for Justine Henin. Belgian newspaper Vers L'Avenir has received confirmation from her entourage that she has begun training for a series of exhibitions in December and may be considering a comeback to the professional ranks.

Via (Googley translated, of course):

After the exhibition games that will end the year in Belgium (5 and 6 December Spiroudôme Charleroi) and Dubai. Juju had almost made his decision to restart the competition from January" write newspapers.
In his entourage, it confirms that it has resumed training a few months ago, but officially in the context of these exhibition games," they continue. Elke Van Dongen-Rodriguez, wife of Carlos Rodriguez, former coach Justine, conceded his side "for things to prepare, but I'm not allowed to speak.

And she who is also the spokesman of the former tennis champion continued: "She actually started to prepare physically and hit the ball a little more often lately. Officially, to recuperate from his operation, added the newspaper.

A possible return of Justine Henin in the competition in January 2010 will be officially reported by the complainant at least three months before the date of his actual return. This is to meet the rules of the World Anti-Doping Code ratified by the International Tennis Federation (ITF).

The Rules of the ITF, in the matter, said that from 1 January 2009 any player / player withdrew, which appeared during his career in the top 50 of ATP or WTA and who intends to return to professional competition, must inform the ITF and provide information on its location ( "Whereabouts") at least three months before his return.

If Justine Henin had to return to the WTA Tour in January, he would then at least know the month of October.

I'm not holding my breath but maybe after seeing Kim Clijster's successful return this month her mouth must be watering. Juju must be thinking, "I could do even better against these headcases."

Stay tuned!

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  1. I think she's not happy she ended her career losing to dinara 'headcase at the top of the rankings' safina.

  2. So with that new doping rule, it's basically impossible to keep a potential comeback secret now. I mean, that must be really annoying because what if you wanted to train for a bit, see if you could get close to your best level before making a decision? Oh, you'd have to wait three more months.

    Personally I think that article is so vague that I don't believe it yet. From one point of view, she seemed to have completely ruled out a comeback in her subsequent interviews after her retirement, but then when you look at what she's been up to, it wouldn't be that far fetched to believe she might want to compete again. But how can you go from doing something completely relaxed to intense competition and training again? She'd really have to be sure that it's what she wants.

  3. I am as puzzled as everyone by this, especially the part about WADA. Has anyone done any research to confirm that if if a player wishes to return to the Tour then they have to inform WADA. Is it only to return or is it as a result of a suspension and return to the Tour. It all just seems a little bit fishy to me right now. Is the ITF protecting big name players who have been caught doping? It just seems a little bit too cut and dried for me right now?

  4. I just hope if Justine does comeback, and Kim has a chance to play her in a big match, Clijsters can finally get Justine back for all those losses she had.



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