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Monday, August 31, 2009

Letter to DtL readers: Flushing Meadows bound

Hey y'all,

Color me SO excited for opening day of the year's final major, the US Open!

I'll be traveling to Flushing Meadows + the Billie Jean King National Tennis Center this morning to check out all the day's action and will be sending updates via Twitter. Also, I'll be announcing the winner of the Dick's Sporting Goods Reader Giveaway on the social media site so if you're not following DtL yet, click here.

I LOVE meeting readers so if you happen to be at the US Open today and see me make sure to say "HELLO!"

Okay, time to get ready.

Have a good one and enjoy opening day!!!



  1. Oh yeah. The # 7. I took it back to Manhattan once (with Nick Bollettieri and his trophy assistant across from me. He was friendly.)
    Rich-how's your assistant?

  2. Hey Rich. Hope you had fun today! I was actually there as well, but didn't see you.

    Just got home. Now watching Venus and Roddick on ESPN. I'm going to love these next two weeks.

    Nadal passed me as he was heading to practice (or something) but ironically enough I was mid-Twitter update and before I fully processed who it was who just passed me he was long gone and I was being crushed by throngs of fans running after him. Heh.

  3. R'teer - My assistant? Color me confused. So you actually witnessed Nick B's leather tan in person? I feel for you.

    Ryan T - Too bad we missed each other. I mean, there were only around 60,000 people there yesterday. Yikes! I saw a pic of Rafa running around the grounds - and he still had his clothes in tact.

  4. aww Rich always nice n willing to meet readers, too bad I can't make it to the open this year :(

  5. looking forward to your commentary rich!
    you must come down to Australia for the Oz Open - it'll be freezing summer by you, you gotta come to happy open!

  6. cool picture here, the train and all.
    also (same day?) cool picture of Rafa running


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