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Thursday, August 6, 2009

JJ HEARTS Coke, burgers, and choco a little too much

Jelena Jankovic has finally updated her blog.

After her shock defeat to a trash-talking Marion Bartoli in Stanford, the Serb traveled down to LA to train (she isn't competing at the Women's Tennis Championships due to the new Roadmap.)

JJ lets us in on her activities since Wimbledon including a much-needed break, a stint at Nick Bollettieri's, and a update on her family including her dad who is accompanying the former No. 1 while mama Snezana recovers from surgery.

She's also got a new perspective on her training + nutrition:

One thing that has been quite different is my eating. I used to like drinking so much Coke. I have such a sweet tooth ;) I had to have chocolate every day. I had to! Luckily for me, I have a good metabolism, so it didn't really bother my weight much, but when it comes to having energy and eating the right things, it wasn't good at all. I've now stopped drinking Coke - I haven't had any since Wimbledon! Instead of that it's water, maybe lemonade. I've stopped eating the sweets, too. People have been telling me I look more fit now. I was thinking why, and it's because I cut those things out... Everyone has something they like that isn't good for them, and I was one of those people! I would sometimes eat hamburgers... Here in California I like those In & Out Burgers... Now since my break I've changed completely though. I want to pay attention to all of these little things. Eating right, sleeping right, training right and knowing my limits; eventually they all make a huge difference.

JJ's right - those In & Out burgers are TO DIE. Yum. And as a fellow chocoholic, I feel her pain (as does Dinara.)

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  1. I really hope she regains the success she had in 2008 and more! She's a hard worker and i hope things work out well.


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