Google Down the Line!: Get your drool ready: Rafa + Nole to play doubs in Cincy

Friday, August 14, 2009

Get your drool ready: Rafa + Nole to play doubs in Cincy

Rafael Nadal + Novak Djokovic will be paired for doubles action next week in Cincinnati. No, really.

According to The Globe and Mail,

For next week in Cincinnati, where Nadal is expected to play doubles with Novak Djokovic, some of the white sleeved shirts, which he was supposed to wear at Wimbledon, will be shipped in.

LOL. Good thing those Wimby Nike shirts for Rafa are being recycled and not ending up at the Nike outlet, though eBay would be a better choice.

Should be good fun watching Rafole - and yes, I'm jealous of all of you going to the Cincy Masters. I admit it. Talk about eye candy GALORE.

Thanks to Djangoo!

(image via getty)


  1. Oh my god. I don't think my heart can take that much hotness on court at the same time... My dreams look quite a lot like that, just with significantly fewer clothes...

  2. SERIOUSLY??????????????????????


    oh man, why not USO?! Ok not getting greedy...shall be happy with just them doubling up in Cinci.

  3. Can't wait, just CAN'T WAIT!!! *scampers around in excitement* Oh, and can Mo be the umpire each time they play too?

  4. *DIES*

    They will be HILARIOUS together!!! And I mean that in a good way!!!!

  5. Squeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!! OMG OMG OMG.

  6. I hope what this guy reports is true. OMG. I am actually going to Cincy.!@!!!

  7. vw: Are you going?! OMFG you're the one I'm jealous of right now. Are you bringing a super zoom lens too? One must be prepared for all the hawtness.

    And one must also share the goods! I mean, PLEASE???


  9. is this for real?! it would be so weird if it does happen

  10. I don't know. I'll try to take pics but this is my first live tournament so I don't know what I will be seeing/doing. I;m very excited. LOL

  11. This will be awesome.

  12. Who will retire first from the duo?

  13. Anybody think Rafa's trying to make Roger jealous by playing with Nole, since he (Rafa)'s invited Roger to play doubs so many times and Roger keeps telling him no?

  14. No :)

    Methinks Rafa and Nole are friends (the evidence for which has been growing for some time), and the have the same publicist (don't they???).

    Me-also-thinks this friendship needs to be encouraged. Then Nole can join Rafa and the other Spanish boys in their on-court hug fests...

  15. This RULES. Matching sleeveless pretty please???!!

    What a drool-fest. YAY!! :D

  16. @Tennis Observer: Who will retire first from the duo?


    Looking forward to some HOT times ahead :D


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