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Thursday, August 6, 2009

FASHION FIX: NaturAna's US Open dresses revealed

Team Ana Ivanovic have released official images of the adidas duds she'll be wearing during her campaign towards a first US Open title and second career major.

It's her Wimbledon dress (which I LOVED) in lilac for day and eggplant for evening. I actually prefer the night version though the day version may stand out better against the blue courts.

What do you guys think of NaturAna's US Open gear - LOVE IT or LEAVE IT?!

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  1. Love it, love Ana!! -M

  2. Love it! Adidas is making up for the mess Ana had to wear for the first half of the season *clap clap*

  3. I love it! Thank God Adidas has stepped it up!!

  4. Defs love it, although I prefer the lilac version. Pretty!

  5. I love it too. I wasn't so sure when I first saw it but after seeing Ana in it at Wimbledon it looks even nicer in the US Open colours. Is she the only player wearing it?

  6. I dunno. The Wimbledon dress was pretty, but it was the colour that made it look good. Not sure about this one though. And it's a way too dark - Ana is tanned, so she should wear something that would make her "stand out", not to vanish in the court.

  7. OHHH I love it!!! :D
    when clothing is revealed it means only one thingg...a major is coming uppp! :D hehe
    I like the lilac, and the eggplant I think will look good especially against the beautiful sunsets of the NY evenings <3

  8. LOVE IT! Both colors looks great on Ana!! And the flowyness at the bottom is very feminine, without being too over-the-top. Good work, Adidas.


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