Google Down the Line!: FASHION FIX: Muzz looking blue for US Open, visits Today Show

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

FASHION FIX: Muzz looking blue for US Open, visits Today Show

Andy Murray unveiled his newest Fred Perry duds for the US Open at the Manhattan Plaza Racquet Club in New York today.

Can I say I'm really loving this blue colorway on the polo? Wait, I just did.

Anyway, the Brit baller continued his media merry-go-round by making an appearance on the 4th - or is it 18th - long hour of the Today Show. He briefly talks about how he got into the sport, how he readies for a match and even teaches the ladies how to hit a forehand. If it was me, I'd be asking about his hammer of a backhand. The forehand? Not so much.


(image via Larry Busacca/Getty Images for Fred Perry)


  1. I swear, he just poses like that, with that expression on his face, to get my heart pitter-pattering.

    I know. I need help.

  2. HA - we know how you LURVE you some Ginge. Well, you and your lady parts.

    I just wish he was better on TV. His voice is so monotonous.

  3. Wow. I was just reminded why I don't watch these morning news shows - those ladies are totally annoying! Andy did well not to punch them in the face LOL.

    He seems like a really nice guy, even if he does come off a little stiff sometimes. He was very polite and his smile is pretty cute, huh? That pic of Andy & Jamie was too too cute. :)

  4. Why is he changing his shoes every other day? Nike, Adidas.. what's next?

  5. johanne: LOL at least it wasn't Kathy Lee - she's the most annoying of 'em all. Quite punchable me thinks.

    anon: I know he wears the Nikes at Wimby because adidas couldn't make proper grass-court trainers last season so he had to switch and wore them again this year.

  6. he was actually very patient with them :)

  7. where i can watch the whole video???

  8. anon: I usually go to for vids and they actually have each segment of the Today Show broken out individually. But that was all of Muzz's segment because the show ended after that one.

  9. Honey, don't talk about my lady parts and I'll leave your man parts alone. ;)

    I think he was good on tv. Responsive, not over the top. Prob is these 2 ladies just talk over him and barely letting him get a word in.


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