Google Down the Line!: FASHION FIX: Fed makes winning return in Montreal, works glass Wimby polo

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

FASHION FIX: Fed makes winning return in Montreal, works glass Wimby polo

Roger Federer played his first match since his record-breaking win at Wimbledon and the birth of his twin mangoes and - guess what? - he picked up where he left off . With a win.

The 15-time Grand Slammer was understandably rusty but managed to defeat homeboy Frederic Niemeyer 7-6, 6-4 in his opening round in Montreal.

The Swiss stylist also debuted a new colorway in his Wimbledon Nike polo aka the Men's Fall Court Polo ($65) - glass + black. And, for all of you who rage at the typical sausage American sizing in athletic gear here in the U.S. you'll be thrilled to know the polo features a European cut with a slimmer body and slightly shorter sleeves. *cheers*

Make sure to check back for a preview of Fed's US Open duds later this month!

(images via ap, tenniswarehouse)


  1. I watched his match and thought that the outfit looked phenomenal. I really like the jacket he wore with the ensemble. Of all the blue outfits Nike has right now, I think Roger's is the best and he also works it better than the other guys. However, it doesn't look as good in pictures. It looks much better on video. I don't know why.

    Also, have you seen JJ's new dress? It looks like the poor girl got attacked by a victorian curtain and the mango sorbet in my freezer.

  2. Too much of the same color all over. I like Rafa's choice of blue with the fun yellow headband/wristband contrast better.

  3. I love it. Roger looks great with turquoise, especially with his tan :)


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