Google Down the Line!: The Fab Four ready to rock Cincinnati - can you stand it?!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Fab Four ready to rock Cincinnati - can you stand it?!

Flushing Meadow foreshadowing perhaps?

The Fab Four take the big stage today in the Cincinnati semifinals today with Roger Federer trying to snap a four match losing streak to Andy Murray while Novak Djokovic attempts to stop his own run of 5 consecutive defeats to Rafael Nadal, who looks to be pain free and rounding into form after his 10 week injury lay off. It's the first time the four top ballers in the world have all made the semifinal round at the same tourney since Monte Carlo last season.

These mouth-watering match ups should give us a solid idea of where each of their games stand with the US Open a little over a week away.

But, sorry no predictions here peeps. I'm just ready to enjoy some sick tennis and I hope you are too!

Click here for live streaming of today's match and here for ESPN2's TV coverage. NOTE: Fed v. Muzz will be shown live while Rafa v. Nole will be tape delayed. Whatevs.

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  1. i don't wanna be off topic here but Rafa's ass on that pic is just HUGE

    and tennis speaking: VAMOS RAFITO!!!

  2. It was my coming out party today against Murray. Hope everyone had a good time.

  3. Re Rafa's ass: yep. Muscles don't do gravity...

  4. I just got home from Cincy tournament and saw RAFA on and off the court and believe me there is NOTHING wrong with that boy's ass! He is still as HOT as ever!

  5. mercedes20 i'm glad to hear, at least his ass is in form, i hope his game gets there too, soon enough unless we wanna see GOAT winning everything till 2040


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