Google Down the Line!: This could be FRIGHTENING or pure HILARITY

Friday, July 24, 2009

This could be FRIGHTENING or pure HILARITY


DJs Ivo and Novak in the House
God please let this story is true. According to, Ivo Karlovic and Novak Djokovic are teaming up to record a rap duet. Karlovic already has a hip-hop single out, “Baš sve,” which can be heard on his website, (WARNING: It’s in Croatian). One can only hope the duet with Nole will be just as sublime.

OMG - just kill me. Or kill them for even considering this idea. Either way I have to get a copy for those grey days.

Oh joy.


  1. hmm...I think neither....sort of odd, but hip-hop is funn, noo wait I change my mind it would b hilarious!!! hard to imagine though :P

  2. I would pay at least 99 cents to listen to it dubbed in English, and a full dollar if there is a video to accompany it. (Dr. Ivo doing the booty spank is worth more) Good times! lol

  3. Whoa! I'm staying away from YouTube!

  4. i think Nole should try to concentrate more on his tennis rather than going back to his former idenity as the circuit's Djoker. whats going on with him?

  5. If Andy Murray can do a movie of his life, then Nole can cut a song. Sheesh

  6. OH MY GOD.

    I cannot believe I missed this while in Russia.

    If that happened, I might just die from laughing. Please. Let it be true. So bad but so good... Fabulous.


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