Google Down the Line!: Anti-doping officials now investigating Tamira - boobs to blame?

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Anti-doping officials now investigating Tamira - boobs to blame?

Hot on the heels of Richard Gasquet's kiss-and-tell cocaine drama comes word of an investigation into Tamira Paszek's medical treatment earlier this month which allegedly violates anti-doping rules..

The Austrian lady baller, who has been struggling with chronic back issues, received blood that had been taken for enrichment and then later injected which is not allowed.

The 18-year old alerted anti-doping officials after learning the procedure was possibly illegal from a reporter.

Ugh, this has to suck for Tamira. I give her credit for alerting the anti-doping officials as soon as she found out the procedure was illegal. Let's hope they take this action into consideration when determining her case.

But with regards to the back issues, I might be stating the obvious here but could the problems of the 5' 5" lady baller be caused by Exhibit Double D's?

Like, whoa.


  1. I read an German/Austrian article about this and it just seemed like she was completely unaware concerning this whole doping issue. She had no idea that she had to inform officials and ask for permission for this kind of therapy.
    And then she just babbled about this in a presser and everyone was kinda shocked by how naive/oblivious she had been...
    I mean, she's an professional athlete for god's sake. You'd think there would be someone around her who knew a thing or two about the rules.

    One anti-doping expert said the case was simple to judge in his opinion as she obviously broke the rules and did not have any kind of permission to do so.
    In German you say "Dummheit schützt vor Strafe nicht", but I hope that she'll get out of it mostly unharmed.

    As for her double D's: She may wants to have a talk with Simona Halep ;)

  2. Good point Maja. Someone on her team should know the rules, at the very least the doctor who performed the procedure. I would imagine she has a doctor who works with pro athletes and should know the anti-doping rules, or at least she should be working with someone like that.

  3. I'm not even a professional athlete and I know that that's illegal. I remember reading about an olympic athlete who received a ban for blood doping. You're right about not having a good team around her.

  4. Just one word: plastic surgery...Oops, thata's two!

  5. Gil Reyes has bigger boobs than Tamira.

  6. Totally Maja. If she wasn't smart enough to be aware of anti-doping-rules, someone on her team should've been.

    Really bad luck for her though, it does obviously seem like she didn't do it on purpose.
    It's good she reported it herself - maybe that helps.

    As for the boobies: I always think "Doesn't running and jumping HURT with those?" when I see her play. XD

  7. Sonja: As one of the unfortunates stuck with her own pair of DDs, I'd have to say yes, and I hope she's got a damn good sports bra.


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