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Thursday, July 16, 2009

SIGHTING: NaturAna + Chrissy's WAG War

Ana Ivanovic continued her Global Stalking Tour of golfing boy toy Adam Scott this week.

The slumping Serb, who sits at No. 11 in the rankings this week, was spotted checking out her man's moves at the 138th Open Championship in Turnberry, Scotland. NaturAna was also spotted last week at the Scottish Open where Adam was competing as well.

Team Ana also released some new images from her "Me, Myself" women's campaign which is where, I think, she should be right now - not on the golf green. You'd think her game was on point these days or something by the way she's NOT practicing. Good grief.

See more images of NaturAna in her adidas campaign here.

Veteran WAG Chris Evert was also spotted at Turnberry chasing husband Greg Norman around the green. Good to see Chrissy out and about. Let's hope she bumped into fellow + former Roland Garros champ NaturAna along the way and gave her some pointers on mental toughness and keeping her emotions at bay in a match.

I mean, she was the ultimate Ice Queen.

(images via getty, courtesy of adidas)


  1. That was the thought that crossed my mind when I saw Ana at the Scottish Open, but then I remembered that she had a strained thigh muscle and had to rest it for a couple of weeks. Methinks schlepping around on a golf course may not be the best thing for a thigh injury that is supposed to be resting, but what do I know? And I agree about this thing about her schlepping around after her boy toys. She did it with Fernando (and who can forget that morning after hair that she was caught with one morning). Is it me, but I just cannot see the awesomeness of Verdasco. Looks like the stereotypical portrayal of a hot Latino in the mid 50s and 60s.

  2. Don't worry, Ana is practicing. According to one Serbian newspaper, Scott Byrnes is there with her. I am sure she will head out to Las Vegas after this to train at the Adidas headquarters. By the way, Adam Scott trains in the area too.

  3. If I had the money I would stalk Adam Scott too...what a hottie!

  4. "wives and girlfriends" of athletes

  5. This post needs more Adam Scott pictures


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