Google Down the Line!: Rossie launches new website, shirtless lovers rejoice!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Rossie launches new website, shirtless lovers rejoice!

My day is already complete.

The tennis gods have answered our call and now Ross Hutchins has his own website courtesy of Tennishead! I was tipped off to the news by uber-twitterer and Friend of Ross (FOR) Andy Murray:

Incidentally, Muzz got his driver's license today so he'll most likely be driving more than just go-karts in the near future. You've been warned Brits (and Miami residents.)

Back to Rossie: When saw the tweet I got excited for the very fact that now there would be a central location for all things Rossie (read: shirtless pics). And what was I greeted with when I clicked on his new site? Duh, see top screen grab peeps. Geez.

*smiles uncontrollably*
*grabs private time with Rossie site*

(image via

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