Google Down the Line!: (UPDATED) RF + MF announce the birth of MRF + CRF!

Friday, July 24, 2009

(UPDATED) RF + MF announce the birth of MRF + CRF!

Congrats to Roger Federer + Mirka Vavrinec who gave birth to twin mangoes - eh, girls - late last night.

The 15-time Grand Slammer announced the big news via his Facebook page:

I have some exciting news to share with you: Late last night, in Switzerland, Mirka and I became proud parents of twin girls! We named them Myla Rose and Charlene Riva and they are both healthy and along with their mother, they are doing great. This is the best day of our lives!

Ah yes, welcome to the world MRF + CRF. I can see the hats already though MRF will always stand for Mango to me. *pouts*

Now only about 16 years before the WTA tour becomes watchable again. Oh c'mon, you know one if not both of these babies are already sucking on tennis racquet pacifiers.

SIDE NOTE: Dontcha just love how ballers like Fed + Andy Roddick (who announced DC as his return tourney via his Twitter account) are skipping the mainstream media and announcing the info through their own social media accounts? BRILLS.

Thanks to JadeFoxxy for the tip off!

UPDATE: The media hawks await the first sighting of MRF + CRF at the clinic Bethanien in Zurich where Mirka supposedly gave birth. Baby Watch begins...

(image via getty)


  1. They'll always be twin mangoes. Always!!!

    Congrats Mr. Federer and Mrs. Federer

  2. congrats to roger.
    despite the mango thing being very funny, i think the names they picked are very nice. unique but not over the top

  3. Congrats to both of them! Having twins won't be easy, but if someone is able to make it and text away on a BB than it's definitely SuperMirka and her GOAT husband!

    I still think Blackberry and Mango would have been way better names, though :p

  4. I soo thought it was gonna be a boy. haha. Anyway, hope they will become the Williams sisters of the future.

  5. somehow i had the feeling it's gonna be a girl. you know cause Fed got this feminine side in him...ha
    but anyway this is great, this is a great year for him

  6. I guessed they would have a girl but not TWO! Congrats to them. I like the names.

    I also think it's great that celebrities/athletes etc are starting to use their own sites rather than the media. The media always puts a spin or twists things. I was reading another story about an athlete where the media took a story from a gossip blog and twisted it to make it look even worse. It's sad really, there's no integrity or responsibility. You can't believe the people entrusted to keep you informed.


  7. You're welcome Rich!!!! I feel famous now.

    Hopefully the babies and their mama are healthy and happy.

  8. They should be Mango and Rhubarb! You screwed this up Roger!

  9. yayyyyyy!!! I was wondering when this good news was going to come, and wake up this morning and there it was!!!!
    congratulations to the both of them, now we wait for those million dollar pics of the two girls! :D
    btw Rich, are those pics of the hospital?

  10. btw Rich, are those pics of the hospital?

    yup and the hawks (and we) await!

  11. Mike or Bob better get married and get busy! We want real competition for this doubles team!

  12. What's with twin daughters and tennis players?! As far as I know, this is THIRD such pair: Albert Costa years ago, Nenad Zimonjic months ago, and now Federer.

    Names of the latest pair are lame, BTW. Luckily, not quite vulgar.

  13. Just a week ago I had a feeling it was going to be twins. Something about an interview where Fed said something about him going to have children. Plural! So.. hah!

  14. Gosh, but aren't you guys LOVING 'Charlene Riva?' Myla -- not so much, Rose -- detests! Oh well. :)

  15. Anon: Lendl had twin girls too & Pat Mac.

  16. CongRATTSSSSSS... THE FED!!!

  17. Nenad Zimonjic had one boy and one girl. Leon and Luna.

  18. OMG, congrats!!! Twins are awesome - what a surprise! :D
    It does explain Mirka's cute but friggin' huuuuge belly though.

    Although the name Mango will always be my favourite, I think the names they picked are great. As someone said before, they're unique but not silly celebrity names.

    Good for you Rog!!


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