Google Down the Line!: 5 black Barbies couldn't take 2 Williams sisters

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

5 black Barbies couldn't take 2 Williams sisters

Italian Vogue, who famously published their "All Black Issue" last year, is up to their old tricks.

According to Jezebel, the fashion mag has included a supplement in its July issue featuring all black Barbies. The "Shape Up" story features the lovely ladies swimming, running, and playing power groundies on what's supposed to be the prestine lawns of Wimbledon but what's probably some mini-golf course. Tough times even for Barbie.

I'm hoping they don't dive for any shots though - astroturf burn SUCKS even on plastic knees.

My fave comment from the blog's readers:

That is the most awkward tennis game I have ever seen. Why are they all up at the net? Who pushed that fifth girl to the ground? Why is the woman with the ball striking a modern dance pose? I am left with more questions than answers.

LOVE it. But seriously, these girls combined wouldn't stand a change against the Williams sisters. Look at those legs. Blow on them and they just MIGHT fall over or break in two after getting pummeled by a ReRe backhand.

(image via jezebel courtesy of Italian Vogue)


  1. Seriously, why is there a fifth Barbie?

  2. Firstly me thinks she looks like a blonde Mrs. Richard Williams. Secondly, the girl is lounging and looks like she could care less about playing. Dead weight I say. Give her the boot black Barbies!

  3. A really good idea - chilling right next to the out line. I'll do that in Wimbly next time, too.

    Rafa might just fall over me! :D

  4. "Rafa might just fall over me! :D"

    And then all HELL will break loose. Though Rafa probably wouldn't know a good think even if he tripped over her, eh, it.


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