Google Down the Line!: NaturAna ready to return - but what is she REALLY saying?

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

NaturAna ready to return - but what is she REALLY saying?

Ana Ivanovic hasn't played a competitive match on the WTA tour since her tearful exit from the Wimbledon fourth round - a gate she hasn't passed at a major since winning at Roland Garros last season. Ouch.

But the slumping Serb has taken a mini-break and is ready to rejoin the rest of the lady ballers during the North American hard-court swing. She even said so in her latest Diary entry below.

SIDE NOTE: Isn't fun to read between the lines especially in these baller-penned blog posts? Well, it is for me...

Recharged and raring to go / July 27, 2009
I feel refreshed after an enjoyable holiday. I think it is a great idea to have this mid-season break, as part of the Roadmap, and it has given me time to rest and reflect on my game (read: I've been obsessively picking apart my game with surgical precision to the point where no improvisation or creativity is even possible. It keeps me up at night, though.) More importantly, of course, it has allowed me to get fit again after my injury.

Wimbledon seems like a long time ago. I did some fitness work during my holiday in Scotland (read: I got busy with my manpiece Hottie Scottie. I mean, LOTS of busy) and I've been training this past week in Spain. I am now on my way to America for what should be a six-week stay at least. I will play tournaments in LA, Cincinnati, Toronto and then the US Open.

It's quite some time since I played three tournaments in three weeks and it's definitely a challenge physically, but I am up to it for sure. Actually, someone told me that the last time I played three tournaments in three weeks was three years ago, when I won the US Open Series (read: I didn't have much left then for the U.S. Open so I figured let's do it again.) That was nice to hear!

Having a short break from tennis like this gives me even more hunger to compete. (read: I think I want it too much and I can't stop myself. WTF?!) I really can't wait to get back on the court, so I am very much looking forward to the Los Angeles tournament starting next week.



  1. Rich, your brillz! LOL! At times that was excactly what I was thinking as well!

    (read: I got busy with my manpiece Hottie Scottie. I mean, LOTS of busy)

    But can you blame her for getting some? Not one bit!!

  2. Rich - your side notes were hilarious.

  3. Oh to have this kind of bikini bod... *green with envy*


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