Google Down the Line!: (UPDATED) MEDIA MASHUP: Rafa buys new home in Dominican Republic

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

(UPDATED) MEDIA MASHUP: Rafa buys new home in Dominican Republic

Rafael Nadal has purchased a beachside home in the exclusive residential complex Playa Nueva Romana in the Dominican Republic.

The community will have "1,200 luxury homes, a marina, a five-star hotel, and an 18-hole golf course. This new development represents an investment of more than US$180 million and covers an area of 620 acres of coconut groves, just 45 minutes from Santo Domingo's international airport."

The company behind the development, Pinero Group, was so excited (understandably) about the purchase by Rafa that they even thanked him on their website:

Here are some renderings of a few of the model homes in Playa Nueva Romana. Is that a rendered Xisca roaming around those digs? Maybe they drew her up to entice Rafa a little more.

A video of the contract signing is also included in the news release. Boy, I'd be grinning ear-to-ear too if I just scooped up one of these gorge homes. *sigh*

In any case, this move might actually keep the pesky stalkeratti at bay especially in a private residential community. Might.


UPDATE: Miri over at Nadal News has a Googley translated version of the interview he did with TVE today where he dispels rumors that his recent issues have been due to his parent's separation earlier this year (see end of post here.) It's the KNEES people.

(via PRNewswire)


  1. Recession. What Recession? Puh-lease...


    Rafa! Rafa! Rafa!!!!!!
    He's back!!

    Well, kinda, sorta, not tennis related, but I'm glad about anything :p *grins like an idiot*

    Now get him some bionic knees, a sleeveless shirt and we're ready to rumble!

  2. They totally photoshopped that watch onto him in the still photos. He's not wearing it in the vid. :D

  3. Oh to be rich, talented, and handsome and so unbelievably humble. I love you Rafa. Marry me and I will give you beautiful sons.

  4. OMG miri you're right! Bizarre *lol*.

    Now I'd give my right arm to live in that house with him. *daydreams*

  5. Would like to have read half of you if it was Federer who had bought that extra luxury villa...

  6. Yum. I can't wait for Rafa to bring his sexy back to the court!!! He is so missed!!

  7. Judging by his purchases both in Switzerland and in Dubai, Federer only buys apartments. It figures, being from a family of relatively modest working professionals.

    On the other hand, Rafa comes from the family of rather wealthy enterpreneurs with several houses already before his own stardom and money, including a sumptuous beach house. His papa was investing into properties for him while he was younger and now he just continues doing that himself.

    So, different tastes and old money and all that.

  8. Time to cash in the savings and move to DR.... *packs*

  9. b2012: I'm coming too! Rainy London minus Rafa or sunny, gorgeous DR plus Rafa. I'm so there.


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