Google Down the Line!: MEDIA MASHUP: NaturAna LOVES being in her 20's - what the hell does she know?

Thursday, July 16, 2009

MEDIA MASHUP: NaturAna LOVES being in her 20's - what the hell does she know?

Ana Ivanovic, who's playing WAG Wars with Chrissy Evert this week, is featured in the Vogue's August book "The Age Issue" representing the 20-somethings in the world (well, only the beautiful athletic millionairesses of the world - not you humans.)

Is it me or does the slumping Serb looking kinda mannish above? *shivers*

In this behind-the-scenes video from the shoot, NaturAna tells the mag the 20's are "the best age to be." Say what?! Well, I guess you'd say that if you've only reached age 21 and you have the world (and Hottie Scottie) at your fingertips. Must be nice.

And, NO, I'm not jealous. Fine, maybe a little.

*wears sad face*

(images via loltennis, video via


  1. What the hell is going on in that first picture?

  2. Which part: the pseudo beach/boardwalk scene or the mannish-ness?

  3. Both. It's so...I don't even know. It's almost like an optical illusion I'm not totally sure what I'm looking at. It's like it's not even her body.

    Someone should hire Tyra to teach the WTA girls how to pose. She could teach Ana how to not look like she's using steroids and Masha how to have more than one facial expression.

  4. HA! Though I hope Tyra doesn't get confused. She could teach some lessons on mannish-ness. Just sayin'.

  5. The 1st pic is just awful. It looks as if they photoshopped Ana's head onto some dudes body. OK, that may be a bit harsh but that is definitely NOT Ana's body. The 2nd pic is great though! Now that is Ana's body.

  6. I just started a new blog, Deuce to Love. Check it out at

  7. The first pic is so disturbing. Really unfortunate posing. Mannish doesn't even quite describe it. LOL

  8. Ana is a lovely, but personally, I think she needs to do less "posing" and more "practicing"....Ana, get serious about your game again, please!


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