Google Down the Line!: Like any girl (or boy), Shrieka loves a good pearl necklace

Monday, July 20, 2009

Like any girl (or boy), Shrieka loves a good pearl necklace

Maria Sharapova and her box (jewelry, that is) are featured in the August U.S. edition of InStyle magazine. The 3-time Grand Slammer discusses her fave designers, pieces, and the best ways to wear 'em all.

BIG REVEAL: She and famed architect Frank Gehry have collaborated on jewelry for this year's U.S. Open!

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When Maria Sharapova famously kissed her Wimbledon trophy in 2004 after becoming the third youngest champ to win that tournament, the 17-year-old was sporting long diamond earrings and her lucky cross necklace. Life continues to sparkle for the three-time Grand Slam winner, who has very definite opinions on jewelry and exactly how to wear the many pieces she owns.

How would you describe your taste in jewelry?
Eclectic. I'm all over the place! I like what's easy to wear because my life is very casual - gold or silver pieces by Marco Bicego, John Hardy, Shamballa and David Yurman. But for a red carpet event I like to play it up and layer necklaces or wear a big pair of earrings.

Do you have a favorite gem?
A diamond - it's my birthstone. I love pearls too, but you have to wear them in the right way. I save them for special occasions.

What about costume jewelery?
I shop flea markets for it. And I love the costume pieces fashion designers create for their collections.

You've always been one of the chichest players on the tour. Every year you get more daring in your clothing designs with Nike, and you recently collaborated on jewelery with Frank Gehry for the US Open. How was that?
I've always loved architecture, plus I own, like, half of the jewelery line he does for Tiffany. So we had a great meeting: He knew the pieces had to be light and move when I moved so they wouldn't be distracting. The earrings look perfect with my tennis dress.

You're an athlete but have a serious glam side - like the diamond tiara you rocked for your 21st birthday party.
I went into Tiffany to look at jewelry and there was something really cool about it. I want to get married in one!
I cannot WAIT to see the Shrieka-Gehry collaboration. I swear, only an architect could design something big enough for the towering Russian. She's, like, HUGE.

PS - I always thought a peek into Shrieka's box would be much more interesting. Wrong-o.

(images via InStyle)


  1. is that a pearl necklace you're wearing now seth?

    cheeky boy.


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