Google Down the Line!: Wozzi gives better face than Kiri for adidas by Stella McCartney

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Wozzi gives better face than Kiri for adidas by Stella McCartney

Wozzi is IN, Kiri is so OUT. Finally.

According to the double bagel, Stella McCartney has dropped the struggling Russian and has chosen the rising Dane as the new global face for her eponymous line with adidas.

Via Politiken:

Stella McCartney has been directly involved in the selection of the main model for the new design, which launches across the world while at the same time, Caroline Wozniacki as the only player on the top level using it during the U.S. Open.

“It obviously feels good, that I was chosen and that Stella has also said that she would like me to represent her line. She will always have something that is new and fresh. She constantly seeks new inspiration, and I just think that she thought that I am new and on the way up and would be a good role model for the clothes, ” sounds Caroline Wozniacki’s own opinion on why she now become the subject of a worldwide campaign for the company she has been associated for several years.

Hmmm, World No. 9 with a bullet vs. World No. 58 and tumbling? No brainer. I guess those are the breaks Kiri. I mean, you're cute and all but Stella would like to sell some clothing. Plus, it'll be nice to finally see the clothing and often - if Wozzi keeps winning, that is.


(image via getty)


  1. Meh... Nothing against Caro, but she will NEVER wear the stuff as good as Makiri did!
    Makiri always looked like pure class and elegance in Stella's designs, whereas Caro has more of a tomboyish vibe to her...
    She looks good in the stuff she wears now, but I took a glimpse at the F/W Stella line and apart from it being absolutely hideous, it way too feminine and fairy-like for someone like Caro!

    It's a good business choice, since Caro is the higher ranked player, get's more TV/Press time and so on and so forth, but Adidas by Stella McCartney will never be the same!

    IMO they should have chosen Sorana instead! She's more of a natural beauty and would wear the designs a lot better!

    Btw., I'm soo glad you're back Rich! I hope everything is OK in your fam!

  2. Oh my, anyone heard the big fat bitch slap right at Kiri's face? *piak*

  3. Fishface has replaced Beautiful Maria. Meh.

    The Polish Ugly is higher ranked, though. But still not pretty, despite all the hype.

  4. Rich thank god you are back, hope everything is okay with you!!!!! just wanted to say hello!!!!!

  5. Anonymous 7.45pm...."Polish Ugly"?? What does her nationality have to do with it? Harsh much??

  6. Butterface instead of Kirilenko?

  7. Domachowska is Polish Beauty, Radwanska is Polish Average and this Wozniacki girl is, unfortunately, Polish Ugly, that's all.

  8. Canadian Alexandra Wozniak is even uglier Pole.

  9. well this a fat girl, attention seeker. n0 class at all. at least Makiri has a class and beauty, everyone likes her, because she is charming and pretty.


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