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Sunday, June 21, 2009

WIMBLEDON 2009: Preview

Just a mention to check out my Wimbledon preview over at Outsports!

On the boy's side, I'm betting (not literally now) we'll see a special appearance by Pete Sampras on the final Sunday. And for the ladies, it seems's Steve Tignor might be my evil tennis twin. Who wudda thunk it?

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  1. Nice write-up, Rich! I really wish I could care about this Wimbledon. On the bright side, at least I won't be looking like a zombie for the next two weeks.

  2. I'm not a Rafa fan, but darn it, what's a hero without his nemesis? Bo-ring!

  3. Great write up, Rich! Serena over Venus in the finals. Nice.

  4. Whilst only a beginner at Tennis, The London Snowman is SO excited by Wimbledon, look here

  5. Set
    Comprises two racquets, a net and some balls. They cost £9.99 from Argos.

    When the game has to stop because someone in the crowd isn’t correctly attired for the occasion.

    Head of the Tennis Mafia.

    What the children of rich parents who can afford tennis lessons have.

  6. Richie,
    I would rather not see Pete Sampras, thank you. I'd rather keep my breakfast down.

    I have an idea. How about if the Tennis Channel shows us four hours of Rafarehab every night instead of rehashing what happened on court? Shirtless, shortsless, lots of sweat, grunting and groaning. Me likey.

  7. Great preview!

    However, I really like Murray's chances for the whole shabang. I imagine he'll be a tough customer should he make the final. He's ready to win a slam and the fact that the crowd will be on his side should not go overlooked. I mean, look what the crowd helped him accomplish last year.....should def be interesting. That being said, I miss Rafa terribly!! :*(

    Loving that you sent Caroline to the semis as she's my fave. She WON last week in Eastbourne, btw! Not just a finalist. GO CARO! :)

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