Google Down the Line!: VIDEO VAULT: Vika, Chaky, Alona, and Domi flash flesh for FHM

Thursday, June 25, 2009

VIDEO VAULT: Vika, Chaky, Alona, and Domi flash flesh for FHM

Victoria Azarenka, Anna Chakvetadze, Alona Bondarenko, and Dominika Cibulkova will be appearing in the August issue of lad rag FHM and here's some behind-the-scenes footage of the shoots.

Nice spreads ladies. But questions: what's up with Chaky's bangs? You could sweep a floor with them. And obvs, this is a boy's mag and all but don't Vika + Chaky look like they're about to swap spit?

(via HCFoo)


  1. I don't like Vika. I have no idea why, but I really can't stand her! She just seems like such a bitch!
    And not in a good, Sharapova-like way!
    As for the other girls: blah!

  2. I am....

    watching Down the line...

    and Rich show me Vika in his site

    and I just... JIZZ IN MY PANTS!!

  3. Totally off topic, but Michael Jackson is dead . I don't know what to say. I'm beyond sad right now...

  4. Chaky needs to do something w/those unfashionable bangs...

    * Totally off topic: Reports say he suffered a heart attack. So, not dead yet. Farah Fawcett, tho, did die early this morning.

  5. Yeah, what a bizarre and sad day.

  6. Uvijek,
    Welcome to my world..when Richie puts up Rafa...and Tommy Haat..pix.

    The second two are sexier than the first two, imo. But then I'm not into blondes...or women. (Except for my girl-crush on Amelie Mauresmo, who I would do in a NY minute.)

  7. uvijek: my motto "clean up afterwards". tissues?

    natch: yeah vika + chaky are very boyish or have boyish bodies. i think domi is quite pretty actually - i MIGHT do her. I just hope Jurgen isn't around but if he is then i hope he wants to join in. It would make the transition a lot smoother for me.

  8. new tennisforum gossip: Vaidisova and The Worm broke up! People rejoice!!!
    Hopefully that means that her game will rise again!

    Who do you think will be his next victim? Wozniacki? Azarenka?(I hope. HA!)

  9. "Whose Mound will The Worm Burrow into Next?"

    It's like the next best reality show, UK style of course. US might be too prudish for that one.

  10. >>US might be too prudish for that one.<<

    Do it German style then. We Germans are shameless!

  11. Natch...crush in Mauresmo?? mmmm..interesting : )

    Rich..I did clean ahahaha...hey if you do Cibulkova I want the scoop and the video!!

    And to finished I do feel horrible after that joke and hour later M.J. die.

  12. tennis' hottest new stars? chaka's been around for like years now. quite clearly fhm does not follow their tennis all that much..and understandably so, with all those hot women they have to go around photographing :P

  13. Ha, the one in the black bathing suit (I have no idea which one it is, they all look the friggin' same) totally forgot her breasts at home!

    And I second that Maja, Vika looks EVIL (from what I've seen on court - again, in this vid I can't tell which one is her *lol*).
    And BTW, didn't know you're German! I'm Austrian! *waves* ;-)

    Now, on another note Rich: Jürgen and Cibulkova are over, he's now dating an Austrian swimmer girl. He's so irresolute *lol*. Although I can't believe he made it to the 3rd round in Wimbly - well, the run stops here anyway, no way he'll beat Roddick...

    /off topic ramble :-)

  14. Sonja: LOL on leaving the breasts at home.

    Off topic: L.A was in chaos after the news of MJ's death. News copters, and spectators flooded the Westwood area. INSANE.

    Sad day.


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