Google Down the Line!: VIDEO VAULT: Rog does Rolex, Marat + Nole put their nubbies on for adidas

Thursday, June 18, 2009

VIDEO VAULT: Rog does Rolex, Marat + Nole put their nubbies on for adidas

Roger Federer goes from sporty to elegant in a new spot for sponsor Rolex. As usual, the Swiss looks absolutely stunning all gussied up in that suit. Can't hate on that me thinks.

Marat Safin and the legendary Rod Laver face off in a new spot for the new adidas CC Feather IV Grass sneakers. The pair are also joined by Ernest Gulbis + the Bryan Brothers. Catch "M" while you can guys. *sigh*

And tennis' current video vixen Novak Djokovic gets his own spot for the adidas CC Genius Novak Grass sneakers (which I previewed earlier this week) though his infamous nipple nubs are nowhere to be found. Drats.

Thanks to Twitterers Out_at_Sea and Wilson for the finds!


  1. The only thing missing really is NIPPLE TASSELS!!

  2. b2012: Yes - and then my Nole fantasy will be complete. Or I could just watch that HEAD viral video. AGAIN.


  3. Very classy Rolex Ad.Me likey.

  4. *swoon* Marat! Love that cheesy smile! Oh, don't leave me Marat! I hope they show these on TV during Wimbledon. I'm so tired of the Longines commercials. Love Steffi & Andre to bits but God I can't stand those ads!

  5. Viva Laver!!!!!!!

  6. omg thank you thank you rich, i love me some marat yum sexy man

    federer's ad is so smooth, crisp, elegant... so him

  7. 1. Laver. Now HE'S the GOAT. Sorry, Roger, you haven't earned it yet.
    2. How can anyone look so good playing tennis in a suit? That thing didn't even wrinkle during his swings. I don't think I could ever be in his presence because I sweat, swear, and don't iron.
    3. Marat...*weeps softly* Can you at least give us one last menage during Wimby?
    4. Nole, you reached perfection with the HEAD ad. Everything else is sub-par.

  8. ahh roger...nadal may have a great a$$, but no one looks as hot in a suit.

  9. Roger is making history and looking good doing it :D

  10. no nipple tassels :(

  11. Rog looks extremely yummy in that ad! o_O

    And the Laver/Safin ad is really funny. Love!
    Have to agree though, Nole's ad is pure disappointment when there are no nipple tassels involved. :(


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