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Wednesday, June 17, 2009


They were saying this three years ago, that I couldn’t last. And after four years, I’m better than I ever was. This irritates me, no? I’m tired of people telling me I can’t go on playing like this. In the end this is what makes me win, lose, everything. I can’t control how I play. I want to keep getting better. And the most important part is the head.

Rafael Nadal is featured in a preview of The New York Times Magazine story called "Ripped. (Or Torn Up?)"

Check it out here.

(image: Paolo Pellegrin/Magnum, for The New York Times)


  1. "And the most important part is the head."
    Honey, you said it. That's my favorite part, too. ;)

    And sweetie? Honestly, nobody lasts forever. They and we said/say it because we have seen it before, especially with your type of body. I hope you last forever. I really do. (And if you do, you'll be the new human Viagra! ;)) Prove they and we wrong, and I promise, you can spank us.
    *drops trou*

    As Sonja said, now on to important matters: He looks like he's being engulfed up by a large, green vagina. I'm surprised you didn't notice this, Richie, and make a remark in my direction. *blows kisses*

  2. natch: No need to point out the obvious. Besides, i know i can always rely on you for (s)natch jokes.

    In any case, one should always be concerned when the vag goes green. NO ONE likes a moldy munch.

  3. In other words:

    stfu already. and thank you.

  4. "when the vag goes green"
    Sounds like a new tv show. I'm not sure if that's an environmentally friendly program, or one of those, "When Testicles Attack" deals...

  5. Grumpy Loser irked....You are going down, mate!

  6. natch: HAHAHA - "love a green vag, save the world"

    now there's a charity i could get down with - or is it go down on?

  7. the caption might just as well be.....Im' drowning in Shame,Please Help me get out of this Mess.My head is ok, but my legs wont hold me up"(lol!!!!)

  8. Vamos Rafa! I hope he beats Federer and his newly grown balls again at Wimbledon. More tears from manly Whaaager, rotl.

  9. I'm normally indifferent to Federer, but I have to say I hope his testicles hang low .. to and fro .. and Rafa kicks him and makes him cry buckets. Oh wait, that was a little mean, right? Yeah well ...

  10. That's the best quote I've read from Rafa in a while. Awesome article, too....Rafa is the best. Can't wait to see him back on court! VAMOS!

  11. I have to say, my pervert thoughts go in whole another direction (as opposed to green vaginas):

    In that picture Rafa looks like one of those guys waiting in a copse - lurking around and suddenly jumping at an unsuspecting young woman (read: Sonja/natch/Babz/you name it) who walks by.
    Oh rolling around naked on the turf with Rafa... that reminds me of Wimbledon! LOL

    Ah I'm so lost. I do need therapy I think. XD

  12. It sounds like Rafa's getting angry, fed up with the media, even. GOOD. It's about time. Maybe this will help spur him on. An angry Rafa is a dangerous Rafa, muahaha.


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