Google Down the Line!: PHOTO OP: Guess the head(case)!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

PHOTO OP: Guess the head(case)!

This headcase narrowly escaped another embarrassing defeat at a Grand Slam but a netcord came to her rescue - AGAIN.

She won 5-7, 6-2, 8-6 and will play Italian Sara Errani in the next round. Who is she?

PS - If you fail here your tennis fan card will need to be returned. Stat.

(image via getty)


  1. Love, love, looooove her new dress. 'Bout damn time, Adidas!!

  2. LOL Rich. I think now that she's back with the Adidas team, things should be looking up.


  3. Her new dress ROCKS! So glad she made it through the 1st round, so we will get to see it again!

    As for the match: HOLY SHIT! I watched the entire match and think I just aged 100 years!!!
    I cannot believe she actually pulled herself together! After wasting her MP I thought that now the usual Ana choke would come and she would lose the match like, well the loser she's been for a year now!
    But hats off to her! At Hradecka's mps she actually played some gutsy tennis and God know's even the netcords love her! LOL!

    Her ball toss was fugly and her confidence level is somewhere at -176, but whatever! She was actually grinding it out today!

    And looking pretty damn hot while doing so!


  4. Ana sucks. big time.
    I feel so bad for her, she's the new Myskina.
    At least she looks good while playing like cr@p though.

  5. How can anyone not recognize that braid of Ana's?!

  6. Are there any more pics available? :-D

  7. I couldn't see enough details of her dress, but I liked what I saw. I also liked JJ's dress. She is the only player who could wear it. That gorgeous, perfectly proportioned body on full display. Oh, my!

  8. There are so many headcases in the women's game, it's hard to choose.

    kidding. I gave up on Ana long ago.

    And speaking of headcases, I find myself oddly still letdown by Safina's breakdown in the RG final. I'd been a big fan since last year's RG, even with all the other losses. But I've never seen anything like this year's RG final. Lots of people say she's too good and will definitely win a Slam one day, but I'm not convinced, just like I don't think Ana is ever going to get there again. Maybe growing up will help them both, but when you look at either of them compared to a Venus or Serena, it's not a close call.

  9. Dress is nothing special.Far from best, cause Masha rock the best outfit this year!


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