Google Down the Line!: (UPDATED) PHOTO OP: But are my goods okay?

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

(UPDATED) PHOTO OP: But are my goods okay?

Michael Llodra was forced to retire from his second round match against Tommy Haas down 3-4 with an abdominal injury.

The Frenchie baller was running for a short shot at 3-all and collided into the umpire stand, a trash bin, and an innocent bystanding ball girl. It seemed all was okay afterwards although by the looks of Michael's face above he may have some personal issues to attend to tonight.

More images from the incident in question below.

UPDATE: Some images and video of Tommy Haas who gets big kudos for hitting with a truly lucky ballgirl after Michael's retirement to the crowd's amusement and appreciation. Hitting with Hot Haas at Wimbledon??? Getting him shirtless would've been PERFECTION but I'd still hit it. I mean, hit with him. Duh.

(And, you're welcome natch + maja!)

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(image via ap, getty)


  1. WHAT?! No pix of Haas? *wails*
    God, Richie, he even played a game with a ball girl, who I later beat the hell out of for getting that close to him and not pouncing on him. Not even a photo of that?
    *flops on floor*
    *kicks, screams*
    Ohhhh...I guess it's Rafawithdrawl getting to me. Alright, Llodra's...goods, and that little girl's neck are going to be hurtin' for certain for the next few days. That was a mighty collision.

  2. I feel bad about it, but I couldn't help but laugh out loud.

    Poor girl still looks in shock...with the what-the-fcuk look on her face.

    And it seems like llodra has a grin on his face, maybe because of embarassment or the fact that he slammed into a young girl..wait a minute...did he kiss her shoulder?

  3. Saw it on TV and it didn't even look that bad. Just plain comical... But you could see that he was in pain and that made me feel guilty for laughing out at first!
    Let's hope his, ahem, "performance" won't suffer...

    Oh and I second natch's request! Bring on some Haas! He's looking as good as his game lately!

    And while you're at it: Serena's pressers have been GOLD in Wimby! All I can say is Food and Screenplays...

  4. HA! Yeah, Tommy was sweet today in hitting with those ballkids. There's your next disguise guys. He wouldn't know what hit him...or hit on him.

  5. Richie,
    You say that as if I haven't TRIED passing as a 14 year old ball girl.
    Come on, one little photo of Tommy "Haat"...for me????? *bats lashes* Alright, fine. How about for Maja then? She seems innocent and pure. How could you refuse her?

  6. That was so crazy. That poor ball girl didn't even see it coming! too bad it had to end in retirement. Would have been something to laugh about later...had he not apparently broken his balls or something. 0.o

    Cute of Haas to hit with the kids after.

  7. Aww, sweet of Tommy to play with the ball kid, but if anyone knows about having to retire due to a spout of bad luck, it's him.

  8. What I didnt like is how he used her to get himself up!!!! HELLLLOOOO she was just as hurt as you buddy boy......what a dick....if you watch it again she totally used her body to get back up......

  9. Tommy was great with the ballkids. He won the hearts of the audience!

  10. Aw, poor Llodra. He looks really hurtin' in that first pic.

    Just watched the video on YT... that didn't look pretty! Neither for Llodra, nor for the ballgirl (she looks so pissed in the photos, but rather shocked in the vid). Funny though how the first thing she did was adjusting her hat LOL.
    And cute of him to cuddle her.

    And extra cute of Haas to hit with the ballkids. That guy's growin' on me, seriously.

  11. sonja: Yeah he's good with the kids and crowds but barks at his box. I love conflicted men. I know, it's my issue!

  12. Ah then Haas is the right choice for you - he's also barking at himself sometimes!

    *pants heavily*
    *fans self*
    Thank you soooooooooooooooo much, Richie!

    BTW -- Richie, So,
    I LURVS conflicted men who bark.

  14. Thanks for Tommy! He was so cute with the kids!

    How about for Maja then? She seems innocent and pure

    ROFL! Sure...

  15. Tommy is such a cutie, why can't I find guys like him? You know the superhot and supersweet kind of guy..


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