Google Down the Line!: Nike Tennis launches new Fed-centric site, fangirls (and boys) rejoice

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Nike Tennis launches new Fed-centric site, fangirls (and boys) rejoice

Nike LOVES them some Roger Federer, though you wouldn't know it by the way they dressed him at Wimbledon this year. Anyway...

On June 24 the brand is launching a special Nike Tennis website to commemorate the Swiss' 14 major titles and his attempt at a record-breaking 15th at The All England Club over the coming fortnight. The site includes interactive, historical information on each of his 14 wins.

Fans, especially those infamous Fed fangirls/boys out there, can also leave him personal messages through the site, via Twitter by including #goroger in the tweet, or through Facebook Connect.

More screen captures below. Visit the site at

(images via nike tennis)


  1. That was EXACTLY my very first thought!

    Oh Nike, why are you making this guy even stranger and less in-touch!


  2. I say more power to players only have so many years when they can cash in on their fame so any and all endorsements and product repping he can do is his, I actually think his new outfit looks pretty cool. Maybe that's just me.

    Speaking of endorsements, has anyone seen the brand new Gillette ad with Roger, Tiger, and Derek Jeter? I just saw it for the first time yesterday…it’s a little more serious than the earlier “Staying Alive” spot, probably because of the different musical selection – it’s “Dream Within a Dream” by Action Action. Anyway you can check out a video of this ad at :

  3. Meh... I like his facebook page and his twitter, but this is just too much! He's fantastic, but I don't need to watch is over and over and over again!

    I'd rather see a website dedicated to all the magic Santoro did over the years. Now THAT would be a website I would add to my faves for sure!

  4. That's awesome.

  5. I think I might throw up. Seriously, this is what happens if Rafa can't play. TRIPLE BARF.

  6. Fed was just on ESPN telling us how amazing he is. And now I'm projectile barfing out of my mouth AND my nose. This guy should have married himself.

  7. It's almost June 25th and the website is still not running! *taps foot impatiently*


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