Google Down the Line!: NaturAna retires mid-match with injury, leaves in pool of tears

Monday, June 29, 2009

NaturAna retires mid-match with injury, leaves in pool of tears

Ana Ivanovic's Wimbledon campaign came crashing down in a pool of tears today after suffering a mid-match injury in her fourth rounder.

The Serb was down a set down to Venus Williams and serving at deuce when she felt a sharp pain in her inner thigh and called a trainer. She managed to hold serve after the treatment but then walked to the chair.

She was asked about it in her post-match presser:

Q. Did you have the problem in the first set?

ANA IVANOVIC: No, no, nothing. I didn't feel anything up until that point. Over past few days I felt muscle tightness, but that was, you know, normal after playing so much on the grass.

Just when I was serving 30‑40 down in that first game, and after my first serve when I landed I just felt a sharp pain on my inner thigh and I couldn't step on my leg ever since.

V was sympathetic towards the Serb's struggles today:

You know me. I only pay attention to what’s going on my side of the net – but today I felt really sad for her.

She was really upset. I think she was in a lot of pain. This is Wimbledon. It’s the last place you want to have an injury that you can’t overcome. So I’m wishing her a lot of luck in her recovery.

It happened in that last game. She’s tough and tried not to show it. But professional players are always in a little bit of pain of some sort. So you get used to the pain level but I guess it was something she couldn’t work through.

Ugh - another major setback for the former top lady baller. Clearly the Serbian Slump is in overdrive now with Jelena Jankovic struggling to find any form after getting knocked out by a "woman problem" named Melanie Oudin on Saturday.

What a difference a year can make in tennis. *sigh*

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  1. omg Richie,
    I had to set up a freakin' google acct because of you! Don't you know how hard that is to do for the technologically challenged? *shakes fake-angry fist*
    (I don't even know what "open ID" means! GAH!)

    What was I going to say...Oh yes, poor Ana. It sucks to go out with a painful thigh injury. Believe me, I've had PLENTY. ;)

  2. I felt so bad for Ana today. It was just so awful to watch. I mean, you never want to see anyone in that kind of pain. I hope she gets better soon *sadface*

  3. yeah, it had to be done natch for obvs reasons. *fingers crossed* it was painless and hopefully resolved!

    not only was the injury painful but she thought she was in her best form, even better than last year when she won RG and became No.1. Hard to say but she was clearly hurting in more ways than one.

  4. Poor Ana. I hope she can recover.

  5. I heard golfer Adam Scott was in her box again.

  6. I don't know, this just seems fishy to me. She was like "OMG I'm playing my best tennis EVARR!" but was conveniently injured as she was about to be bageled by Venus which I think has the legitimate injury. She had two days of rest. Where did that injury come from?

  7. LOL natch!! But lookie at my pretty profile photo. I've always been wanting to do that, hehe.

    And way to go Rich! *nods*

    Now Ana... poor thing. Crying people just break my heart. And she looks really devastated. :(


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