Google Down the Line!: Hayden hits Parisian red clay for Lacoste ad campaign

Friday, June 26, 2009

Hayden hits Parisian red clay for Lacoste ad campaign

Star Wars actor and tennis freak Hayden Christiansen is starring in the new ad campaign for Lacoste's latest men's fragrance Lacoste Challenge which was shot at the Tennis Club de Paris near Roland Garros. Hayden was joined on-court by tennis legend Mats Wilander for the shoot.

The fragrance's bottle features a tennis racquet design while the cologne is colored yellow to represent a tennis ball.

Images of the bottle and another from the ad campaign below!

(image via Lacoste, kennethinthe212)


  1. He's enjoying that netcord just a bit too much, no?

  2. miri: HEE! I do. Every chance I get (which, luckily, is OFTEN.)

  3. I love the coloring of these photos. And the tennis obsessive in me really loves that bottle.

  4. Yeah the tint on the photos give it a real vintage feel, esp with the way they styled Hayden.

  5. *looks at photo of Mats*
    *Uvijeks on self*
    *cleans up*

  6. *Uvijeks on self*

    What does that mean?

  7. Anon,
    Scroll down to the swimsuit post and read Uvijek's comments. It's a new verb I came up with based on that.

  8. Oh, uvijek'd on yourself?


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