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Monday, June 22, 2009

FASHION FIX: Shrieka defeats Viktoriya, goes ultra minimal in Nike

She's all business this year.

Maria Sharapova dropped her shorty-shorts and other fashion foibles from last year's disastrous Wimbledon and has gone decidedly demure in her attempt at a second title at The All England Club.

The 2004 champ went down in more ways than one - two double breaks in the first set and two awkward slips on the slick stuff - to Viktoriya Kutuzova but managed to eek out a 7-5, 6-4 win. She'll next face Gisela Dulko for a spot in the third round.

So there's not much to say about the white Nike tank dress Shrieka's working her besides the subtle gold trimming that zig-zags around the dress - pretty. However the "warm up jacket", like Fed's, looks military inspired though she looks more like a drum majorette - not pretty.

I have to say I'm really liking her Nike satchel actually. It has an interesting graphic and adds some punch to an otherwise "meh" outfit.

I can't believe I'm saying it but I want those shorty-shorts back...and not for me, silly.

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  1. What shorty-shorts?Those she wore last year at Wimbley?You must be kidding!That was plain awful. I was actually glad she lost cause I couldn't watch her matches from that hideousness.That was the worst outfit ever, cause it wasn't even a SPORTS OUTFIT, it was for a Broadway show or editorial, not to play tennis in it.God.
    Let sportswear remain sportswear.That's why I LOVE this dress and the jacket is cute.It's all simple and clean, just like the sportswear should be.
    Fed's is on the other had hideous.

  2. Shocking to say because I rarely like what she comes out in, but I loved this jacket!!

  3. I like the dress, the details are cute and feminine, and it finally
    it looks like a tennis dress.
    not sure about the jacket, too military looking.

  4. I liked the shorts from last year but hated the tuxedo top. Don't care for this dress -- kinda boring. HATE the jacket. LOVE LOVE LOVE the bag! Too bad Roger's married. Maria and him could have coordinated. Bags and jackets and gold trimming and all. What on earth are the Nike designers thinking?!

  5. Maria and Roger coordinating is the last thing i wanna see on planet earth! Eew. Maria looks great on her own..

  6. i think the jacket looks like shes one of the beatles on the sgt peppers album cover!! but i do quite like the jacket!! are coats the new essential item for all tennis players?? or just nike ones!! whats with fed waistcoat - now thats ridiculous!!

  7. I'm with B2012 here - I don't normally like what she wears (loathe mostly in fact) but this jacket was yowza!

  8. I really like the dress. Not a really big fan of the jacket.

  9. I really like the dress - clean and simple is the best possible way to go!

    The jacket... meh. But at least it's better than Rog's Nike disaster.

    The bag I like, too.


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