Google Down the Line!: (UPDATED) FASHION FIX: Rafa gets white + purple for Wimbledon defense - but will he show?

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

(UPDATED) FASHION FIX: Rafa gets white + purple for Wimbledon defense - but will he show?

After a disappointing fourth round loss in Paris, Rafael Nadal will be highly focused on defending his turf at The All England Club next week.

The Mallorcan Matador will be working the Nike Double Bold Men's Tennis Polo Shirt ($48) in white which features a 2-button placket and a shadow dot print design. This top will be paired with the white Dri-FIT Woven Men's Tennis Short ($38) with its window pane design and slightly longer length.

The Air Max Courtballistec 1.3 makes its return but this time it's made specifically for the grass with nubbies on the sole and featured in white + purple (a royal color for the current king of grass - how fitting.)

Rafa will also sport the Wimby colors of purple + green on the headband and wristbands during his defense.

The polo and shorts were taken from the Nike UK site so I'm hoping the actual pieces he wears will have the purple Nike swooshes and NOT the black.

But the big question is: will Rafa be fit enough to defend his Wimby crown after his recent knee issues? Well, according to The All England Club's Twitter, he's already there:

UPDATE: Proof is in the puddin' peeps. Check it.

(images via nike, TW)


  1. W00T!

    *snags pictures*

    With links back here of course. ;)

  2. Yay! Purple.
    Yay! Green.
    Boo!!! Long shorts.

    Hope he shows (fully healed) and doesn't cause further injury. Then I hope he rips off the outfit and struts around court for three hours.
    *books flight back to Wimby*

  3. saw him today practising in wimbledon. looked real good , a few ball out of the court tho . it hink he was wearing this outfit as well

  4. babz: blogger thief!

    natch: Nekkid Rafa is always bettah - but I guess we must all deal with him clothed. Boo. But all white outfits can great when soaking wet with rain or sweat.

    I'm imagining a torrential rain storm during a 5-setter and a sweat-soaked Rafa gets caught in it after the new roof breaks down.


    anon 2:34 - DO TELL! Anything else you'd like to divulge??? How'd his hitting look??? Any weirdness with the knees???

  5. hitting looked good. was hitting ball very hard. was asking the hitting partner if he was hitting in or not. federer was also there and roddick. it was funny though cos soderling was playing on the court next to nadal with cilic. also peng shais mum was in total ore with nadal haha

  6. good stuff anon - thanks! movement was ok as well? i've been hearing he was practicing without taping around the knees.

  7. yh he had a small taping around the knee, movement didnt seem a problem.. am working there this week, so went to the practice courts during spare time. sharapova looked good too hitting well. gulbis also looking good. safin and hewitt were hitting together twice today

  8. Aww Rich...


    I linked back to three of your posts. *sniff* Don't be like that.

  9. babz: you can NEVER take me seriously - well not often and not on DtL. Steal away!!! You always have my blessing B.

    anon: good stuff - i'm not sure what you'll be doing there but if you'd like to send over blogs here and there (anonymously of course) I'd be happy to publish your anecdotes. PPPPPLease!

  10. >>was hitting ball very hard<<

    Hard and hopefully deep! That how I like it;)

    Seriously though, I'm glad to hear that he seemed to be fine!

    Now that we have the outfits of Fed, Rafa, Muzza and ChokerAna, where is the stuff Serena and Masha are gonna wear? There are sketches on prodirect, but no real pics yet...

  11. Hard and hopefully deep! That how I like it;)

    ahh, you're after my own heart maja. he looks rhythmic too. *faints*

    yeah, anxiously awaiting those duds.

  12. RIch, don't give me blessings! I *will* take advantage of it, see if I don't. ;)

    Do you think the subtle purple stripes will actually be on the wristbands? I hope so - I love silly twists like that.

  13. sorry about anon, didnt really look for an identity. ssure ill do some updates when im there. i was there for training for security at the championships.

    ross hutchins also was running around the courts in his yellow duds. today murray looked fierce and looks a real contender. they all seem to be hitting with hitting partners. i only saw a few hitting together. hewitt safin..cilic soderling...

  14. "he looks rhythmic too."
    *joins Rich in fainting*

    BTW, I'm sure the new roof will break straight away and fingers crossed for LOTS of rain. It will give Rafa more time to rest AND if he's out on court when it chucks it down, we'll be there to tie him to the net, so that we can slowly watch his new white outfit go

  15. larcher de brito was also hitting. she was hitting bad in my opinions many shots were going out, her hitting partner looked better. she also was serving serveral serves out and had to restrain herself from basher her racket. funny enough she wernt screaming when she hit the ball. it was a kind of wheezing pant. when she does get the ball in though its a good hit.

  16. did someone say safin?!! rich please post more stuff about him if you can the guy is retiring for crying out loud and he's so hot i could cry :P
    am goin wimbly and i cant wait dunno who'll be playin then but it's so exciting i have a feeling i'm gonna need security to get me off rafa and safin and whoever i see that's hot:P gulbis,tsonga i could go on

    *goes off to fanatasy land where i'm queen where a naked rafa and safin feed me grapes*

    good to know rafa's tight ass is doing well

  17. james: OMG security? Like, you have locker rooms??! Just kidding. No, I'm not actually but I wouldn't want to get you fired.

    Any insidery info would be great. LOVE.

    anon 4:10 - Hot Marat is always on the DtL stalkeratti list. Find pics, will post. So you'll be there too? Make sure to report back pretty ppppplease!

  18. don't worry rich i'll report back ;)
    i cannot believe i'm goin to wimbly i'm praying to the gods that i dont turn into one of those fan girls, i've never been truly star stuck i alwasy manage to keep my composure but with safin and rafa i don't know, am practising my "ooh why hello rafa, marat fancy bumping into you here" unfazed look l

  19. yes safin was looking swealtering hot. was sitting on the court with legs wide open haha. i dont get locker room access lol. but ill be there everyday and guess will see a lot. can wait to see wawrinka though

  20. i took a video of nadal but its of pooor quality i think

  21. "Hard and hopefully deep! That how I like it"
    Now Maja's making me orgasm. ;)

    No chance of that new roof leaking. It started pouring during the Agassi match and we were all dry as a bone. It did get hot and steamy, though. Perfect conditions for Rafa's clothing to stick to him.

  22. rafa was wearing a white crew neck top today not the collared one (as you can see from the pics)...i didn't see any taping either...he was hitting with his old friend Bartolome Salva Vidal

  23. hmmm maybe this blog should be called "up his crack" instead of "down the line"

  24. No more pink? When are the sleeveless shirts making a comeback?

  25. "Even we weren't expecting that." LOL!!!

    I really hope Rafa will be able to defend his title. Go away stupid injuries!!!!

    Now I'll doze off to dreamland imagining Rafa tied to the net, getting all wet. Oh, that even rhymes! LOL

  26. Oh and I totally forgot: FLOVE that he wears official Wimby colours!! SO much better than the preppy gold, hehe.

  27. OMG So! I never even picked up on that - the colors of Wimby. I wonder if he'll wear purple and green undies underneath those whites?

  28. this time it's a purple cursed!

  29. Oh natch don't even get me started on his undies... *drools*


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