Google Down the Line!: FASHION FIX: Nole says "buh-bye" to blue, hello to red with adidas Falcon collection

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

FASHION FIX: Nole says "buh-bye" to blue, hello to red with adidas Falcon collection

Novak Djokovic will be hoping do better this year than last when he was dumped out of Wimbledon's second round by Marat Safin. And, while he made the final Sunday in Halle he continued his losing streak in championship matches earning his fourth consecutive defeat this time to Tommy Haas. A mental hurdle much?

For his campaign, the Serb will be continue to showcase duds from the adidas Falcon line but, luckily for us, Nole has dropped the eye-sore blue for red - phew. The collection features the brand's trademark ClimaCool fabrication which pulls heat and sweat away from the body and allows air to circulate close to the skin.

He'll be working the Men's Edge Top (above, $46) paired with the Men's Edge Bermuda Shorts (below, $37)

Nole will also be arriving on court wearing the Edge Warm Up Top ($53).

Here are the new kicks Nole will be wearing during his campaign for his first Wimby Championship: the Genius CC Novak sneakers in white/red/brown ($118).

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  1. Mmmmmmm...

    Can I say the word "ugly" ?!

    Maybe it's because I hate red, but still the outfit is boring and ordinary. I think I even prefer the blue line !

  2. Looks just like his outfit in grand slam tennis on the wii.

  3. No more Falcon-Smurf. There's a tear in my beer tonight. *sniffle*

    Honestly, besides Rafa's Wimbly kit, I've been "meh" about everyone else's clothes. Nole's shoes are pretty cool though!

  4. Hm. I like red, I like white, but the short doesn't look very "special" for lack of a better word.. I'm so bored with the 3 lines on the sleeves, surely their designers can come up with something different in oh, I don't know, once in a few years? Am I asking too much?

    The shorts are terrible, looks like something to play basketball in. I thought this was tennis? I like the jacket however. Shoes are UGLEH and hopefully this time Nole won't keep sliding on the grass in it, eh Adidas? SURELY after one year you can make a design that will allow them to actually play in it? I mean, if you can't make it look nice then at least make it functional, right?

    Maybe I really am asking too much...

  5. I kinda like it. I mean, its not that interesting, but its not painful to look at. I'm actually kind of sad at the loss of smurfwear... It was kind of a trademark. I guess my eyes will stop aching now, though.

  6. Jills: I think rafa's kit is kind of a 'blah' too. I mean an all white polo plus the faintly checkered shorts... But i guess its slightly better than Nole's.

    I've noticed the designers at Adidas are kinda lazy. They reuse the same design for two slams and just swap the colors around. Case in point: Ivanovic's stupid band-across-chest dress

  7. They need to put him in tighter tops and shorter shorts. but I like the colourway.

  8. love the shirt, LOVE the jacket! I had no idea there was a line of "genius novak" shoes...interesting...

    it's hard to get too fired up over Wimbledon clothing I think. I mean, it's really a sea of white and...accents. Or red undies if you're Tatiana.

  9. DITTO on the jacket and I love red. But I've never been a fan of these Edge Bermudas because they're way too basketball baggy like Babz said above.

    I was happy they dropped the matchy blue moment though. Smurfs be damned!

  10. I LOVE red. Got it on right now. *waves red undies at B2012*
    The shorts are way too long. wtf is up with everyone going longer? Natch no likey.

  11. No more Smurf? Geez, I have to come up with a new name for him. What's cartoonish red? Hmm ...

  12. Well the outfit is kinda meh. But I agree - the sweater is really nice.

    Now... cartoonish blues and reds... Nole is tennis' Spiderman! LOL
    He has the Peter Parker vibe goin' on anyway I think, especially with glasses... And I have a knack for nerds, so... yay! :P

  13. I think this is a nice Wimbledon outfit, I love the red. But I will definitely miss the blue outfit on Novak. He made a wonderful smurf. *sad*


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