Google Down the Line!: FASHION FIX: Fed goes white + gold for record-breaking Wimbledon campaign

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

FASHION FIX: Fed goes white + gold for record-breaking Wimbledon campaign

Newly-crowned Roland Garros champ Roger Federer will attempt to become the all-time major title leader as he goes for a sixth Wimbledon title and 15th Grand Slam next week.

During his campaign, the Swiss stylist will be working pieces from Nike's White/Gold Collection including the Dri-FIT Court Men's Tennis Polo Shirt ($48) paired with the Dri-FIT Athlete Men's Tennis Short ($34).

Here's a sneak peek of the wristbands for the 27-year old which features the Nike swoosh and his ubiquitous "RF" logo.

Fed will be working the Zoom Vapor VI Tour Men's Tennis Shoe ($109) in white + gold and will most likely feature some reference to his five Championships on the kicks.

But after last year's Gatsby-esque cardigan and the blazer/pant combo from year's past, what will Fed surprise his fans with this year? Stay tuned!

(image via nike,


  1. Looks fine to me. Clean and sleek. Some detail with the shadow-striping. He also had gold accents one of the past years if i'm not wrong. I guess you can't do very much with men's wear under the dress code

  2. Oh my god. Is it bad that I just thought, "Rafa could wear this"?

    Very different fit of course ;)

    I like the collar accent, and why is there no crown on the shoes or something?

  3. jonathan: yeah he wore white + gold before. there isn't much you can do with menswear under this dress code so that's why i'm excited to see what special piece(s) nike will be giving him this season.

    a preppy white + gold onesie perhaps???

    babz: you are bad very VERY bad. there will most likely be the 5 crowns on his vapors - these photos are from an online retailer. he gets the special ones which humans like us could never touch (unless they end up on eBay i mean.)

  4. *yawns*
    I like Wimbledon least because of the white. So. Boring.

    I'm hoping Rafa goes for that naked outfit I saw him in this weekend. Shoes, headband...nothin' else. Ahhhhhhhhhh...

  5. Natch, I don't suppose you can supply us with some pics of that outfit. XD

  6. Federer also should carry a couple of gold bars in his golden man purse and throw them into the crowd. Everybody would love him.

  7. anon,
    only if you can get a camera into my mind. If you can do that, the photos are all yours! ;)

  8. omg, is that our little BABZ??!!
    *pops more champagne*
    You wanna lick it off Rafa?

  9. I'm hoping Rafa goes for that naked outfit I saw him in this weekend. Shoes, headband...nothin' else. Ahhhhhhhhhh...

    ...and a smile, no doubt.

  10. *little Babz pops up*

    Who? Wha? Me? NATCH!!!!

    *smishes natch*

    I've missed you so!!! I've been posting since last week and I was wondering where you were. Life is so empty without your comments, I swear!

  11. Richie,
    Didn't you smile when you had the same outfit on and ran into me? ;)

    What the HELL is a smishes? smishy? smoosh? Do I need a bandage? Kneepads? Headgear?
    BTW- I like the name Craig Ferguson came up for people like me (and him): geezers! :D

  12. Love it! Fed is going to look great.

    @ Tennis Observer: Lol, gold bars.

  13. Nice outfit - but as always, the RF is a tad too much. Seriously.

    And TO: gold bars, LMAO!!!

    But now to the important matters: I'm all for natch's suggestion as far as Rafa's Wimby outfit is concerned. The only problem might be that the dresscode is white, but Rafa's skin is bronzy-golden... *sighs* *dreams*

  14. wow and white combo...NICE......color gold is fit for the GODS and the GOD of Tennis is BACK!

  15. Fed's presence and clothing always leaves me longing for more!cant wait for his next surprise!

  16. fed's hot. as far as the RF being too much, i don't know. rafa has his bull thing and nole has the falcon. at least roger stays with his initials, not animals that he pretends he is :D


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