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Monday, June 22, 2009

FASHION FIX: Fed feeling good, goes tailored military in opening match

Roger Federer made his Wimbledon Centre Court debut today in his usual flair (couldn't Nike get him a better bag this year?) for his match against Chinese Taipei's Yen-Hsun Lu and his quest for a sixth Championship and record-breaking 15th major.

The 5-time champ was in solid form today disposing of his foe 7-5, 6-3, 6-2 while hitting 10 aces, 42 winners against only 10 errors, making 19 of 23 net approaches, and connecting on 71% of his first serve deliveries. Nice moves. He'll face Spain's Guillermo Garcia-Lopez in the next round.

Fed also debuted the Nike gear I previewed last week but it's what was covering those duds that made the story. He came out working a military style jacket featuring patch pockets on the front and white warm up pants while underneath he wore a sneaky white vest with gold piping:

Good thing for the RF's every-friggin-where or he might have been mistaken for staff at The All England Club. Phew.

All in all, it's very "Fed at Wimbledon" though the military themed jacket paired with a tailored vest is a strange combo.

Here's a closer look at the Nike Zoom Vapor VI Tour Men's Tennis Shoe featuring the "5" for his five Wimbledon titles.

Hmmm - it seems Jude Law likes what he sees...

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  1. apologies to all fed fans but he looks ridiculous why the hell he wears that?! what was he thinkin'?

  2. Sgt. Pepper called - he wants his jacket back.

    Sorry, that's just a horrible ensemble all the way around.

  3. Ahem... I'm speechless. NIKE normally get it sort of right, but this... It is meant to be sport after all, isn't it?

    *sobs at thought of not getting to see Rafa in his simple, yet gorgeous and SPORTY kit*

  4. It's awful, all of it.

    VOGUE should sue him.

  5. OMG -- I thought nothing could top the ridiculous cardigan from last year, but way to prove me wrong Fed, way to prove me wrong.

    This is just absolutely hideous!


  6. Say, Richie...doesn't gold lame sort of belong to the gay community? Maybe you can join the Vogue litigation. ;)

    Interesting. Roger stands supine like so many of us mere mortals.

  7. Seemingly close to Michael Jackson. Only things missing are sunglasses, a white glove, and military regalia.

  8. I like it. The bag goes a bit too far though, way too much gold and the monogram is too big. A bit vulgar. However Fed does strangely manage look good while wearing that. I don't know who else has got the confidence to walk in front of 15,000 people (+ millions of tv folk) dressed like that. It would look really wrong on anyone else. Fed can carry it off. LOL. I can't stop laughing though.

  9. his outfit while playing is just fine! But the whole pre-grame outfit with the jacket and vest is wrong wrong wrong!! And, yes that bag with the gold is UGLY!

    But shorts and shirt while playing are quite nice!

  10. Ewwww...He's trying so hard.

    And that VUL-gar golden manpurse. Yuck.

    What's up with all that? Evoking Michael Jackson, seems like it. Weird. Play the sport, Swissie, you're good at it. Stop being ridonkulous.

  11. This is the most ridiculous outfit I've seen. EW.

  12. I dunno what I think about this one. I still prefer last year's bag and 07's blazer. The vest seems to serve no purpose although it looks nice. I know its Wimbledon and all but I really don't see the purpose of the long pants and what have you. He would have looked mighty fine in the french open sports jacket but in the gold theme.

  13. Oh, the horror! (Heh-heh-heh.)

    It really is a nightmare Rich, what is up with this? From Nike? Now I'm scared.


  14. Federer should play naked with gold body painting from tip to toe. The Golden Boy of Tennis.

  15. AWFUL! His whole ensemble is a hot mess! He wears more gold on his stuff than freaking Beyoncé!
    Can you say D-I-V-O!?
    His outfit is just beyond ridiculous! What the hell was he thinking!?!?
    With his jacket, he looks like a military dentist gone aristocrat or sth like that! And what's up with the vest? Doesn't he make enough $$$ and has a secret job as a waiter in SW19?
    His long pants are incredibly ill-fitting for someone who seems so vain and wtf is up with his bag? Or can we call it a murse?*vomits*

    His shoes look kinda fly, but this outfit is just a total fashion faux-pas and the vapors can't save it! It's an gold-overkill par excellence!
    Anna Wintour would (should) not approve!


    Roger Federer, the [s]Queen[/s] King of Wimbledon!

  16. /my goodness ! I have never seen such a ridicuous outfit in tennis, os another sport. Of course leaving the Bull player with the tatoos. We had a dicator kiler here for 30 years and those were his kind of well dressed fear emsembles. Is he trying to scare others as I am the KING! Forget it Fed! And how on earthdid your wife permit something like this?

  17. Just had to add that the vest makes him look fat.

    Sir Vain, remove it from thine wardrobe post-haste.


  18. I actually really like the jacket, but the vest is an absolute thumbs down. The vest just looks awful (the cut is not flattering on him and he usually wears clothes really well). It completely does not go with the military style jacket so it's not even a cohesive look. The bag is garish.

  19. BWA HA HA HA HA HA...wait, wait...AHA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA. Fed must still be drunk from winning the French. Nike really sucked the pie-hole with this one.

  20. I feel ashamed for him. The vest is hideous.

  21. A fashion tip: you do not absolutely need to wear ALL your clothes at once, you know. Less is more.

    Oh, and too much gold makes you look like a Pharaoh's mummy. Which is basically a sallow formaldehyde-injected dead person with overblown sense of self.

  22. Like Roger, your pants are way too short and you look akward.Neeerd.
    Did JJ borrow the bag?China anyone?NO.
    Vast is not for SPORT!!Hate it.
    Jacket and pants, not for sport also.So to sum it up- a glowing disaster which ruins tennis for me a bit.
    On the other hand, makes me appreciate nice ACTUAL sportswear out there so much more.
    I miss Rafa.


    Seriously, you've really outdone yourself this time, Roger. He looks like such a jackass! The only thing missing is an attendant carrying a gold plated mirror so he can check his hair during the change-overs.

    Absolutely ridiculous.

  24. LMAO! A VEST?! A vest?! What on earth are you thinking? What the HELL are you thinking, Roger? And Mirka, I'm ashamed that you let your husband leave the locker room like that. A VEST?! Ha! Nike punked you good.

  25. Bodo totally rips Fed a new one for this fashion disaster:

    I can't believe I actually agree with something Bodo said.

  26. I love it. Only TMF can pull a look like this off.

  27. "The only thing missing is an attendant carrying a gold plated mirror so he can check his hair during the change-overs."

    They should do *exactly* that!Fed probably already asked, but he can always use the gold reflexive side of the bag...or is THAT maybe a mirror?Who knows with that mess.
    Oh my headache does.Head.Ache.

  28. He looks like he dressed up, but he didn't. It's horrible. Especially the bag of course!

  29. I can't believe I actually agree with something Bodo said.

    Here, here anon - I second that emotion. Bodo usually don't know but he may this time around!

  30. The look on Lu's face when he came on wearing that monstrosity was priceless.

  31. This is more embarrassing than wearing your pants backwards.:-D

  32. Princess Roger has turned into a huge joke.

  33. *speaking in Janice voice*
    Oh... my... GOD...

    Ridiculous doesn't even roughly describe this DISASTER. Roger, what has happened to your sense of style? And, most importantly: your common sense?

    The shoes look like Louis XVI. shoes will all the friggin' gold.
    The vest... is he a chubby waiter or banker?
    I could live with the jacket (the initials though... *shudders*).
    But the purse!!! I refuse to call this a bag. I'm blinded by all the gold! And again, the initals! And the gold! It's such a nightmare...

    That said: I miss Rafa. :'-(

  34. I forgot to mention:

    "He wears more gold on his stuff than freaking Beyoncé!"



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