Google Down the Line!: FASHION FIX: A closer look at NaturAna's adidas style - with Booty Bonus!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

FASHION FIX: A closer look at NaturAna's adidas style - with Booty Bonus!

Alright already. If you guessed the hidden headcase as Ana Ivanovic you're correct! And you get to keep your tennis fan card. For now.

The former top lady baller did struggle mightily with all the usual issues in this match - wayward ball toss, unforced errors, fist pump fatigue (well, that would be for us watching this mess) - but she looked great doing it.

NaturAna was working the adidas Adilibria Ivanovic Wimbledon dress I previewed last week. It has beautifully tiered gauzy layers that billow when she moves - similar in concept to Shrieka's Roland Garros dress but supremely executed in this case. Plus it has a great fit and the proportions look spot on.

Best ladies' dress.

BOOTY BONUS: For all you AnaFans out there, this one's for you...

(images via getty)


  1. That dress looked FABULOUS on Ana today - Adidas really nailed it. Plus I'm loving all the red accents from them this year. Two very enthusiastic thumbs up.

    Ana on the other hand? Oye. I'm just glad she got her shit together in time. Well, at least enough to get her into the 2nd round. LEARN FROM THIS ANA. I'd like to see more of this dress!!

  2. Ana's dress is nothing special to me.
    Far away from best.
    Maria won that competition this year IMO.Her dress is spot on plus beautiful jacket.

  3. I'm with you Rich. Her dress is the best ladies' dress this year at Wimbly, no doubt.

  4. Thank you for that last shot :)

    Good to see your hetero audience represented for once :P

  5. Agreed, gorgeous dress..... On another note, have you guys heard that Nadal's parents are seperating? May explain some of the off court problems Nadal was reported to be having earlier this year, and explain his performance at the French....

  6. @ Seth:

    I am not hetero and I am enjoying this pic just as much, thank you. :-P



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