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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

FASHION FIX: Andy begins Wimby campaign in high style

Andy Murray made his first foray onto the hallowed grounds of Wimbledon's Centre Court as he begins his campaign for a first Grand Slam title.

The Brit baller struggled early on against Robert Kendrick and dropped the second set in a tiebreaker. However, he closed the last two sets out more easily completing a 7-5, 6-7 (3), 6-3, 6-4 win over the American. Stats: 58% first serve, 20 aces, 52 winners against 19 errors, and 19 of 22 net approaches.

Andy also debuted the Fred Perry outfit he revealed last week in London. However, instead of the cream tennis sweater the third seed was donning a crisp looking cream warm up jacket:

I thought the only bonus we'd get from this great FP gear would be a little more leg with the shorter shorts (and we still do - thankfully) but I was wrong. I HEART this jacket in a major way.


IMO, best boy's outfit this year. Period.

PS - I vote for "Murray's Mound" instead of "Mt. Murray". Anyone wanna join me?!

(images: getty)


  1. I agree. Love the outfit. He usually looks like he doesn't care with the clothes he wears, but this is really working well.

  2. Definitely the best dressed guy of the tournament. Never thought I would actually say that, but his look is everything Fed tried (and failed) to be!
    Fed must be crying his eyes out about that...

  3. It just goes to show what a little tailoring can do for you. He went from meh to Wow!
    And that Kendrick guy he played? Hottie in training.

  4. Oh, I forgot. Can we have a moment of silence for the passing of Marat's hotness from Wimby?

  5. no way, Roger looks totally hot and Murray is sooo far away from that.

  6. natch: *silence*

    okay, now Kendrick - he's swimming in that outfit, esp those shorts/skort.

    We need to know what's going on underneath, what he's hiding. I'm on it natch.

    *launches investigation*

  7. I still don't like MacMopey, but this is HANDS-DOWN the best male outfit this year.

    Not that the standard to beat was high, but it probably would be the top or close to the top, even in the best of style years


  8. Def, Richie. Kendrick's outfit was such a skort/culotte moment. The shirt was too big too. He needs Andy's tailor, or to get good and famous, quick (and have a tailor provided).
    But the face, look at his face. Hotness around the bend. I'm glad you're sniffing around for it.

    And thanks for the Marat moment.

  9. Tin: true enough - it's just cool classic

    natch: Whose bend should I be looking around? Sorry, part of the investigation. Just the facts, please.

  10. Spot-on Rich, you are so on top of this stuff.

    Grins & Giggles,

  11. You seeeeeeeeee.

    See what a haircut and spiffy outfit does for a man?? Seeeeeeeeee.

    Why was I the only one seeing his hotness before this?? WHY????

    Andy I <3 U

  12. He looks great!

    ATP #2 should learn from you Andy.

  13. Fred Perry's all class.Outfit is pure perfection with the so white white, and that sailor blue, just love it.BUT the fshort are too short, that I def dislike.It makes his legs kinda feminine in those, and oh that picture with his ahem almost falling out is yucky.

  14. babz: Your MuzzLove is well-known, at least around these here parts. I completely support it.

    tessa: I was hoping for more "ahem" in the shot but no such luck. Boo.

  15. The shorts could be even shorter (think Borg) but I commend Muzz for his efforts to reveal a little more thigh. Side note: I would die if Rafa strapped on a pair of these! His legs are delish! Oooh I miss Rafa...

    ANYWAYS...good match for Murray today. I liked that Kendrick put up a good fight and I liked it even more when Murray stepped up to the plate and snatched the victory. I think this should only help Muzz and he will get better & better as the tourney goes on. Go Muzz!


  16. Tessa, I can only hope we actually get to see his "ahem"... You guys can visit me in the hospital, getting treatment for spontaneous combustion.

  17. Hmm. I don't really want to see Murray's "ahem" or Mount Murray or Murray's Mound or whatever the phrase may be... But he does look nice. As soon as the hair is gone, he'll look nicer. I'm def for the short shorts, tho.
    Rafa in the short shorts?...pass the smelling salts and fire extinguisher.

  18. This is a nice stylish outfit. Too bad it can't cover up his ugliness.

  19. Simple is better, Federer. Learn from Murray. You look messy and pompous, Murray looks spiffy.

    Even a not-so-handsome guy looks good when dressed carefully.

  20. Rich, may I snag these pics? Can't find the ones with him still wearing the jacket. I need more sleep....

  21. Love the jacket, love the whole outfit, love him doing well.

    MOUNT MURRAY. Yes...this.

  22. Babz: yes of course!

    B2012: well when you put it like that how can one resist?

  23. The men need to take note and make the shorts shorter. Fabrice Santoro and Fernando Gonzalez need to do this immediately. My love for Murray has increased after seeing his Wimby kit.

  24. great outfit, didn't expect this from murray, but i think he has very little to do with it. perry is a british brand, and the brits do dandy better than anyone (and I mean dandy in a good way).

    however, i think saying that fed looks bad is unfair. he def missed with the warm-up attire, but his tournament wear is still sharp, as always.

  25. this looks good because it's not as try-hard as roger's outfit

    and there's not a man alive who doesn't benefit from a good haircut

    off topic: anyone know what caused hot twink grigor dimitrov to retire from his match?

  26. OHHHHHH YES. Pure class. Pure style. Two thumbs up for Muzzymuzz. *hops onto bandwagon*

    Roger, watch and learn, dammit!

  27. Watch and learn Fed.

  28. Rich, it seems Fed actually has a much nicer casual jacket which is much better. Here is the link:

  29. Murray managed to upstage Federer's glamour with a simple yet elegant outfit that was tailor made to fit him and Wimbledon's style of elegance, and not one that screams pompously "I'm Roger Federer I'm King of the World!!!"

    Federer must have been shamed because he didn't wear his getup today, preferring a vest instead.

    Score one for Murray.


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