Google Down the Line!: Broddick's public war of words, A-Rod hearts Astley

Friday, June 26, 2009

Broddick's public war of words, A-Rod hearts Astley

Me thinks Broddick needs their own Twitter reality show.

The couple have been having a public "war of words" about a few of their musical guilty pleasures after A-Rod outed Brooklyn's penchant for bubble gum pop:

She, of course, retaliated by defending her questionable tastes while exposing A-Rod's love of a certain 80's crooner and some boy band dance moves:

When asked about the war of words with his wife in his post-match presser, A-Rod responded by saying,

What do you want me to say? I said I wasn't proud, but I'm not going to lie to anybody. I busted my wife on some of her ... music. She brought up Rick Astley. I can't deny it. It's in my iPod. I bet it's in your iPod, too, so shut up.

*throws iPod in garbage*

I have NOTHING like that on my iPod. Pinky swear.

On a side note, I'd die to see A-Rod pull a Justin Timberlake. But does JT pull at his junk too?

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  1. They're quite entertaining, aren't they? I think you should hop on this reality show idea. It's only a matter of time...(hurry before Serena does it!)

    My favorite twitter moment was Andy Murray coming up with candy names. XDDDD

  2. Andy & also Brooklyn are so funny on twitter.i'd love them to have their own reality show anyway but Andy's very private so don't think it will happen!

  3. I totally feel A-Rod's pain. Teen girl pop fills my house as well. The horror...

  4. full disclosure to all you DTLrs. I am Rich's partner and he like Brooklyn loves some teen girl pop.

  5. Whatevs. No idea who Neruda is...pinky swear. Again.

  6. I don't follow Twitter, but I STILL like "Never Gonna Give You Up", so I side with Roddick on this one.

    Hey, Neruda, I saw your photo. You're hot. If you ever want to give up Richie and give an old yoga teacher a try, *puts thumb and pinky to ear* call me. I like Earth, Wind & Fire, Miles Davis, and The Cure. ;)

  7. natch: OMG you man-stealing yogi! I'm shocked. Well, not really but feigning shock is fun. He's hot - AND MINE.

  8. *bats lashes*
    Who, me? Uhhhhhhhh...I was just testing his loyalty. Yes, that is definitely what I was doing. Making sure he didn't enjoy a pair of upper frontals and indoor plumbing.

  9. Twitter is stupid. I really don't want to know these people's little everyday thoughts.

  10. I'm not gonna lie - I love Astley. And I'm not ashamed of it.

    Neruda: keep the Rich revelations coming! Although I do fill my house with teen girl pop too...


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