Google Down the Line!: VIDEO VAULT: Spanish shorty-shorts + crotch touching aka RafaPorn

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

VIDEO VAULT: Spanish shorty-shorts + crotch touching aka RafaPorn

Thanks to DtL reader B2012 for tipping me off to this video of Rafael Nadal working shorty-shorts (yay!) while showing us some of his off-court training (yay-yay!).

I suppose this is the closest thing the Rafanatics will get to RafaPorn (I mean, he kinda touches his goodies) so I say enjoy. Just clean up afterwards.

PS - Who knew elite baller training practices could be inspired by this transvestite and his/her freaky friends? Ca-razy.


  1. I like how it starts out very casual, him doing all the things he does at practice anyway, up until the jump rope. Then I was kind of giggling a bit at the music and the continual jump rope is kind of funny and he's so obviously trying not to look at the camera and it's all lovely and fun and then...HELLO PORN! The best part is that he's not even trying, but 1:34 is pure bliss.

    I want to know if there's a part deux with the towel on the floor and the handlebars and such.

    *pops popcorn*

  2. those aren't shorty shorts. if only he'd borrow some of pat cash's cast offs

  3. Sorry for being off topic but this Saturday is Grigor Dimitrov's 18th birthday (a.k.a the day he becomes legal.) Will there be a mass celebration on DTL or will it just be me and my binoculors in Bulgaria?


  4. Is it wrong that I'm extremely turned on by Rafa's warm up?? Oh, the tan, the shorts, the touching, the bending, the stretching, the jumping... *drools*

    And DANG Tim Curry's the best. *ROFL*

    PS: As for Grigor - YAY! I'm all for a DTL party!!! :D *drools again*

  5. Sonja, it's not wrong...
    I think I've watched this about 3000 times by now and I STILL can't get enough.
    At 0:15, when he touches the inside of his thighs, I just...die.

    Oh, to be on that roof terrace with Mr Nadal and skip rope all day long...

  6. Yeah, I'm totally making up some new jump-rope rhymes now.

  7. LOL RafaPorn

    Sonja, its noot wrong if you get turned on by Rafa, wow nicee vid, thankss!!

    Grigor's Birthday??? yesss DTL we havee tooo PAR-TAYYY!!!!

  8. We should def send him a "Congrats You're Totally Legal" gift. How about me in my birthday suit gift wrapped and sent to Bulgaria? Me thinks it's totally fitting.

    Someone needs to video tape the whole thing. For proof. Any my private collection. Fine.

  9. Loved the Rafa stretching routine video. *pant, pant* I find these kinds of videos mesmerizing.


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