Google Down the Line!: VIDEO VAULT: RafaPorn, Segunda Parte

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

VIDEO VAULT: RafaPorn, Segunda Parte

Not satisfied with the first sampling of RafaPorn? Well you're in luck. Here's part two.

Enjoy pervs.

(via Nadal News)


  1. oh my god, it just gets better and perfection, boy xisca is one lucky girl, Rafa must be soooo hot in bed....loving the calves on the power plate and the bending over strapped up with the blue bondage bands...

  2. Nice training spot also. That is right next to the cathedral in Palma, no?

  3. actually, it's his house in Manacor. His and maribel's floor where he has a small gym, as he said and a lovely balcony.

    Rafa, why are you trying to give us a heart attack???

  4. And the way he looks after his session - sweaty but so fresh faced.

    The same as after his matches, he just rubs his face and hair with a towel and goes on live TV closeup looking like he just had a facial and a professional makeup.

    Not fair.

  5. Oooohhhh gotta love me some more RafaPorn. :P
    The gloves... the legs... the face... it's all very, very good.

    I was wondering how many of those training balls they already threw off that roof? LOL

  6. sonja: LOL I was thinking the exact same thing when I saw that part! I'm sure they took out a few pedestrians below. Oh well, it's for a good cause I guess.

  7. sonja, rich,
    Me three! I kept expecting to hear a giant SPLAT!

    *goes to amazon, looks up price of blue bondage bands*

  8. I love you for posting these Rafa Porn vids.


  9. me this is so much more than just Rafa showing his fitness routine. It makes me blush and squirm with delight.
    When he stands on his tiptoes to work those calves, it's heaven...
    And the fact that this is his home and his bedroom probably is next door makes it...even better!
    Thanks, Rich!

  10. LOL @ Rich and natch... wouldn't that be the greatest death ever? Being squashed by a medicine ball Rafa threw off his roof, hehe.

    And CC just got me all hot'n'bothered with the thought of RafaBedroom. o_O

  11. Oh, and bathroom. Rafashower, now that's a thought and a half...


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