Google Down the Line!: VIDEO VAULT: Andre can still talk his arse off while Steffi watches on (as usual)

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

VIDEO VAULT: Andre can still talk his arse off while Steffi watches on (as usual)

Husband and wife duo Andre Agassi + Steffi Graf sat down for an interview with the BBC One's Inside Sports to discuss life, love, and apparently tons of happiness in their non-tennis lives.

But that's about to change with this Sunday's "A Centre Court Celebration" which will showcase the Grafassi's back in action against Tim Henman and Kim Clijsters as they unveil Centre Court's new-fangled retractable roof and test out playing conditions as well.

Don't have tickets yet? Well, you're def screwed since the tickets sold out in five seconds. But ESPN Classic and will be broadcasting the event live starting at 9:30AM EST.


  1. Is it just me, or does Stephanie Maria Graf look "different" somehow? Makeup, possibly surgery?

    I leave in 18 1/2 hours!!!

    Thanks so much for the videos, Richie!

  3. OMG natch I thought you were totally kidding about the tickets!!! I can't believe you're really going to see it all live. So cool.

    Make sure to say buh-bye!

  4. Richie,
    To see Andre play again, I'd fall down a flight of stairs and obliterate my rotator cuff. Hmmm...I just did that. How fitting.

    Buh-bye, Richie, DTL-ers.
    *blows kisses*

  5. I think you start with little nips and tucks while you are still youngish so it won't look shocking later.

  6. Hey Rafanatics, just found some butt-naked Nadal on a yatch, pics in here

    Neat blog also, everything is in spanish, but i guess you all can understand some Rafa naked, right?.
    Greetings from Uruguay. Enjoy.

  7. WTF? The reporter said that Steffi is the only woman ever to win all four majors in one year. It's a bad time for fact checking at the BBC. I'm sure they were talking about the golden slam but they should have caught that.

    Why am I being such a jerk?

  8. I love that as they mention her nichname "Fraulein Forehand," they show footage of her hitting a backhand.


  9. sara: HA! Me thinks that's a deep question only you can answer.


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