Google Down the Line!: Shrieka arrives in Paris, teases with top-secret Nike dress

Friday, May 22, 2009

Shrieka arrives in Paris, teases with top-secret Nike dress

Thanks to DtL reader Kim for tipping me off to Maria Sharapova's latest Weekly Doodle!

The Russian glamazon arrived in the City of Lights from Warsaw where she made the quarterfinals. Shrieka discusses her time in the Polish capital and also teases us about her top-secret Roland Garros dress from Nike:

We arrived to Paris last night, and it still amazes me how beautiful it is here every single time I arrive.

I am really happy with the way things went last week in Warsaw. Obviously I would like to win every single tournament I play, but to be able to finally compete in a tournament after so many months was just amazing.

The food was fantastic and who would have thought Warsaw is the new Beverly Hills in the paparazzi department!

Anyways I just wanted to send you a quick a hello....

I cannot wait to wear my new dress on court is one of my all time faves! And of course the Tiffany beautiful! Only hint I can give, is that the color theme is different shades of blue.

I took a day off today, but currently doing my shoulder exercises! Shouldn't really be typing this right now haha.

Take Care!!
Color me SO curious.

(image: getty )


  1. Oh my, I'm in tennis fashion heaven....thanks so much for these posts!!

  2. I cannot wait! Why is she keeping it a secret? Boo.

  3. Im fine if she just appear naked....just saying.

  4. unny picture:
    this is what alyona Bondarenko thinks about being a runner-up
    simple f-you :)

  5. it supposed to be funny picture not 'unny'

  6. I'm tired of hearing about her fashion. Who cares your not Kate Moss.

  7. How about a little respect in your newspaper columns for the ONLY canadian tennis champion we have?

    Daniel Nestor has been at the top of his field (with different partners to boot) for a few years and we always read about our 'hopes' in your tournament previews like the chunky chick who is ranked 24th.

    You have men's tennis, womens tennis and doubles. Being a doubles champion is still being a champion, something that lets be honest, we will probably never see in either singles.

    We celebrate all our champions in the most retarded sports (Myriam Bedard comes to mind. Shooting and skiing? Really? That's a sport?) or in sports that almost no on plays on the planet so I find the snub Nestor gets from the media to be puzzling.

    As for Wozniak, how can you play tennis and be pudgy with blubber around the stomach (stop wearing tight clothes!) and jiggly and flabby triceps like an italian grandmother.
    Considering the amount of aerobic excercice tennis players get every day at practice, I find her lack of shape rather puzzling unless she smears everything she eats in mayo and lard.
    You can be a fat golfer or fat softball player but a fat tennis professional? Cant say there is too many of them that I can remember.

    So lay off the 'potential', everyone has potential at some point and give credit to the champion we have now in tennis.

    It might be a long, long, long time until we have one again and probably never as successful as Daniel Nestor has been at representing Canada.


  8. Dude, my apologies!
    I thought I was typing in Stephanie Myles tennis columm which was in another tab!!

    Sorry about that mistake.

    Cool site though.
    Its in my bookmarks now.


  9. I thought I was reading about Sharapova's French Open dress but I prefer Buddha Bob's comments on Daniel Nestor and Wozniak's flabby arms!

  10. I was checking out the RG website and I found this pic of Vitalia Diatchenko wearing the supposed Shrieka outfit for the Aaussie Open.

  11. I just saw Shrieka's dress for RG and I'm not in love with it. It's very similar to the other colors for the past RG dresses.

  12. Federer Drop ShotMay 25, 2009 at 8:15 AM

    Did you see me today?

    I am Roger's secret weapon. Hope Roger and me can win the French.

  13. Ummm, THAT is the teased special dress????

    Oh Shrieka, why are you wearng a mu-mu???



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