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Saturday, May 30, 2009


I mean, to be honest, I think it was just me and my head today. I don't want to blame anybody else.

- Novak Djokovic on his stunning third round loss to Philip Kohlschreiber in Paris today

Oh right he meant his "head" amd not his HEAD, because blaming the racquet is always lame.

True enough, Nole got in his own way while Philip played great and now the Serb must regroup and hope for greener pastures at Wimbledon.

Another bracket-busting loss. Great.

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  1. I'm still stunned. Nothing against PK's really great game today, but I just really didn't see it playing out this way. Novak needs to get it together and get it together pronto.

    We can't even go there with how busted my racquet brackets are. No lame book for me this time!

    Did you see the Road to Roland Garros videos this year on the main site? They're no karaoke, sadly, but still kind of fun...

  2. It's PK's turn to beat a Serb .. to make good his lost in ARAG's final. A great game.

    Still feeling sad .. was hoping for Novak to be in the final.

  3. *laughs at people who bother with brackets*

    Seriously I learned the massively painful way that the only way to get the bracket right is to fill it out after the tournament is over.

    *Gets started on Wimbledon 2008 bracket*

    I wasn't expecting this at all. I didn't think that Nole would make it to the final like a lot of people said but I didn't think that he'd lose in the third round. The thing is we can't even say that he needs to get his shit together because he played well leading to the French and PK played quite well so I guess it was just a bad day for him.

  4. I can't believe I overslept and missed this match! It's a shame Djokovic lost, I wanted him to play against Federer in the SF. Oh, well. So Roddick is in the 4th round and Novak isn't. I feel funny :P

  5. I am still in deep shock. And kind of heartbroken a little... I had hoped that he would make it to the final, and it would be another great Nole/Rafa clay court match up. I so did not see this coming, not at all. I just hope he can get his head sorted and turn it around in time for the grass court season.


  6. We were amazed to hear this, initially thought the snoozereader had it wrong.


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