Google Down the Line!: PHOTO OP: Rafa vs. Rafa

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

PHOTO OP: Rafa vs. Rafa

Not that you actually have to choose or anything (because this is total escapism from real life, no?) but if you had the choice, which Rafa would get your panties all twisted and why:

GiantRafa (left) or PocketRafa (right)?


(images via AP, skyejaden)


  1. The more I look at that photo, the more hilarious it gets. *am easily amused* Especially with the ball kid under the stand. XD Looks like he's about to springboard off into the deep end.

    I saw that giant Rafa pic today and couldn't quite figure it out. Is he a poster? A reflection? Is it *magic*?

  2. Well, giantRafa for home and pocketRafa for travel - of course!

  3. HAHA I'm all with Miri!

    Tiny Rafa does looks like a doll on that picture though... with that little pedestal thingie glued to his feet so you can easily put him on your shelf! Yay!


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