Google Down the Line!: PHOTO OP: Murr gets in more training, still tries to out-arse Rafa (no chance)

Thursday, May 7, 2009

PHOTO OP: Murr gets in more training, still tries to out-arse Rafa (no chance)

Team Murray is at it again getting in more clay-specific training and fitness work at Roehampton during their week off from tourney play. Incidentally, Murr has already made his way to Madrid via his Tweet last night:

So the top photo shows Jez Green and the soon-to-be World No.3 practicing what they're calling Sumo squats but what I usually call a first date. BTW, I'm thinking (or hoping?) Murr's holding a dumbbell between those thighs. Either that or Little Murr got burnt somehow. *scratches head*

Here the 21-year old performs a plyometric exercise to help build lower body strength and fast, powerful movements. No comment (fine - this comes in handy on the second date.)

And of course, no Team Murray training session would be complete without their trademark ice bath orgy. According to his site, one of these boys had to do the deed sans knickers. I have no idea who that person might be in full monty mode but question: where is Treacle's right hand and why is he smiling so?

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  1. Mwhaaahaaa...

    *flove this*

    Out-arse Rafa, never. Still love Andy, though.

    Thanks, Rich!

  2. He is right about Chelsea, they got robbed. Either way I could care less, I'm a Manchester United fan :D

  3. Treacle's hand is in Andy's ass. Did I win?

  4. CC: no prob!

    T.O.: ding ding (or dong?)!!! we have a winner. and a weener apparently. i might be smiling too. shhhh!

  5. Is Andy a Chelsea fan or just a casual observer?

  6. lolol I love this post. Their ice baths are killing me.

    Work it Andrew, work it! And hand me over those silver Nikes while you're nekkid in the ice bath.

  7. Ah, gotta love the Muzz and his ice-bathing ways.

    Out-arse (flove that word) Rafa??

    But his booty is still nice alright. :)

    And waiting 4 years for bags? BWHA! That always happens to me, too! :D

  8. "Little Murr"???

    No no no no.

    I feel nauseous thinking about it.

    After reading that, I need an ice bath for my BRAIN.

  9. ewwww...oh pphluezzzeeee....spare me these over the top yucky press pictures is way over trying hard and its just isnt done....gross....


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