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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

(UPDATED) PHOTO OP: Au revoir Marat

Marat Safin played what will most likely be his last match at Roland Garros and, in typical style, made it one to remember.

The 2-time Grand Slammer went down two sets, grabbed the next two and battled to the brink against homeboy Josselin Ouanna ultimately falling in an epic 7-6 (2), 7-6 (4), 4-6, 3-6, 10-8 thriller. The towering Russian had saved 2 match points, hit 86 winners and 19 aces total in the match and still lost. Ugh. Joss will next face 12th seed Fernando Gonzalez for a spot in the Round of 16.

Well, gotta give it up for the Frenchie - it was a tremendous win especially under the pressure of playing in Paris against the legendary Russian in what would be his final match at Roland Garros. And for the Marat fans out there, we still have two more majors to go. Try not to be too sad. Yet.

*BIG sigh*

UPDATE: Here's some of what Marat had to say about his last moments. Classic.

Well, as you can see, I didn't draw the heart, and I didn't lay down and I didn't cry and I didn't all those things ... it's not me.

(It's) a terrible way to finish with the French Open but anyway ... it's okay. It's not so sad. (It) doesn't get me emotional.

His best memory?

Well, hopefully I can forget this match, for sure.

My best memory was too far away in history. Nothing really great to write about for the last five years.


(image via FFT)


  1. Damn Rich, you just made me depressed for the rest of the day. I had dvr'd the match between the 2 before I left for work this morning and I had a bad feeling Marat would lose. I saw the interview with French TV before he got on court and my idol(tennis and with the chicas) just looked a bit lost. Hopefully he had a good menage last night.

    I really think that Safin could play a few more years, he still has the game. Now I need to get my mind right and get ready for my USTA match. I'm hoping I can win one for Marat.

    I hope all is well Rich.

  2. Go Nate! You win one, and I'll menage for Marat. ;)

    That was so sad to watch for Safin, and exciting for the Frenchies. I was really hoping Marat would make one last stand in a slam. As you said, Richie, we've still got two more to go. But I'm just gonna hang on to 08 Wimbledon for old times sake.

  3. I was so sad after he lost that match. During the match when he was down matchpoints and saved those points he was pumping himself up and I really thought he could pull it off, and he almost did. Hopefully he will reconsider his retirement and give himself atleast 2-3 more years =D. I'm hoping I can see him during the U.S. Open.

  4. I think what made this loss so heartbreaking, was the fact that he actually seemed to WANT it and was fighting for it instead of just completely tanking. Especially in the end when he had to fight the crowd too. At that point I just wanted him to win to shut them the hell up. I get supporting your guy but, booing Safin? uncool.

  5. He did seem to want it. I always wonder about these ballers who make the retirement announcement at the beginning of the year. It must be tough getting motivated not only to do the on-court work but the off-court work when you know this is it. And with Marat's eternal internal dramas even more so I would imagine.

    I guess some might go all out while some might get somewhat relaxed.

    A great show today nonetheless!

  6. I hate the Frech crowd. I know they can be like that sometimes and I understand that they wanted their countrymen to win, but they were horrible to Safin. They knew this was his last year and have always been nice to him, they didn't need be so disrespectful. I was rooting for Simon, but I hope the French crowd have many more years of dissapointment coming their way. It's one thing to support your players and another to be rude to their opponents.
    Sorry, I needed to vent :)

  7. ^^^ I agree with you the French should have shown Marat a little more respect. I was so sad about him losing this match after he was up a break in the 5th. Marat, please don't leave us!!

  8. Yeah.
    The French make my blood boil - cultural differences my ass. They are just downright uncouth and they like to intervene and try and rattle the players.

    I know that he must be disappointed, and his interview was depressing but I'm glad that he wanted to win. If he could just get a key result it might change his mind about hanging up his racquet...

  9. It was such a nerve-racking match. I thought I was gonnna die everytime Marat hit wide or "too in". Not to mention his terrible attepmts to dropshot! The commentator always babling about how he personally is gonna miss Marat after he retires wasn't helping either!

    But still, he fought so well, with himself to keep composure (and suprised me by that), with his will to go on and fight, with the opponent and finally, the crowd (didn't expect that from the French, booing and distracting and all :-().

    Marat really knows how to make his last appearance at Roland Garros UNFORGETTABLE - of course, in his way. But it was a way too painful.

    I love you Marat, as a person, as a player. Please don't make this be your last RG match :˚-(

    - Rebecca

  10. i hope he doesnt retire... i want to see him play on for a few more years! maybe his sister's career surge will inspire him.

  11. I cried when Marat lost... And that interview with him nearly made me start crying again. And I'm french. I'm going to miss Marat so much - I love how he always brings so much of himself and his personality on court, the good and the bad.

    I just hope he can have a good run at Wimby or the US, and maybe it'll make him want to stay around for a little longer. The courts will be so empty without him...

    I totally agree about the french crowd - the way the treated him was unacceptable, and it makes me ashamed. The british crowd was the same with andy murray last year at Wimby against Gasquet. The last of respect just gets to me so much.


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