Google Down the Line!: MEDIA MASHUP: Adidas photo shoot or Old Navy ad? You decide.

Friday, May 15, 2009

MEDIA MASHUP: Adidas photo shoot or Old Navy ad? You decide.

Check out these images of Fernando Verdasco (doing his usual shirtless dance), Novak Djokovic, Ana Ivanovic, and Jo-Wilfried Tsonga showing off their Roland Garros duds courtesy of adidas.

But question: Is it me or do they look like those creepy, talking Supermodelquins from those Old Navy commericials?

Haven't met them yet? Ok, then watch this video. IT'S SCARY.

*shakes + shivers*

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(via tennis week)


  1. LOL!! Yeah, wow, those are kind of creepy.

    And aside from that awesome shade of blue, their designs are so full of fail lately. THAT is the best idea you can come up with for Ana? I hate that whole off centered neckline or whatever it's called. It looks like she's trying to yank it off (which isn't a bad thing)

  2. First, WTFish to the supermodelquins.

    Anyway, what is the use of Adidas previewing Tsonga's and Novak's RG outfits when they have already worn them for a few tournaments? We've also seen Ana's dress previously, just a different color. So is fernie gonna play shirtless at RG? Don't think many would mind.

  3. Oh my gosh, I have been HATING those Old Navy ads so much and am so glad to hear someone feels the same.

    These adidas ads are trying way too hard. . .and failing. Although I am mesmerized by Jo-Dubs thighs.

  4. Jo-Wilfried looks really fake, but I was more thinking of Madame Tussaud ;)

  5. Oil, oil, oil, oil and more oil...

  6. LOL this is really creepy funny.

  7. Adidas' attire looks the same all the time to me! That is why I have gone exclusively Nike.


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