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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Letter to DtL readers: Technical difficulties...

Hey readers,

Obvs I'm having (well more like Photobucket is having) technical difficulties so images hosted on their server aren't showing up.

Please stand by!



  1. What a bummer, but cool, no prob. Roger-Rafa Madrid final! *squeals* Not that we don't already know who the winner will be... but still.

  2. Well, not so easy. Raja has beaten Rafa in straight sets. I am kind of impressed with the last hold by Roger, not sure why. May be because, I expected him to crack.

    May the excuses begin
    1) Rafa was tired from the Djoker match
    2) His team did not want him to play too hard and get hurt before the French Open
    3) He was too bored, beating the crap out of Roger every time. He showed empathy.
    4) Madrid does not really matter to Rafa (You say what!)
    5) Rafa will beat Roger..Blah..Blah..Blah

  3. Roger actually converted some breakpoints this time and saved some of his own for a change.

  4. yaaaa roger!!!!!
    soo happy for him!!


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